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Monday, April 11, 2016

Stress, Portrait of a Killer - Full Documentary

Your heart rate increases, your lungs take in more oxygen, your blood flow increases, and parts of your immune system become temporarily suppressed, which reduces your inflammatory response to pathogens and other foreign invaders... OH MY !! Nooooooooooo

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Why You Want to Swim

According to the American Council on Exercise, during a water workout, your heart rate will be reduced by as much as 17 beats per minute compared to a land workout, so be sure to keep this in mind if you use your heart rate to gauge your intensity.

You’ll need to listen to your body—as opposed to relying solely on your heart rate—to know when you've had enough.

Other studies about water exercise have been equally favorable. For example, high-intensity deep-water training improved aerobic capacity in a group of 29 healthy elderly women.5 In another study, swimmers were found to have about half the risk of death of inactive people.'

Swimming Rocks !

got pain ? Ice vs Heat...

It is an unfortunate truth in leading an active lifestyle; at one point or another you will most likely suffer an injury of some sort. Hopefully it is small in nature and you will be back to normal in a short time, but how you go about handling the injury may be the biggest factor in how quickly you heal.  Again, we must stress that here we are focusing our attention on minor injuries such as sprained ankles or strained muscles. A more severe injury, such as muscle or ligament tear will demand the attention of a medical professional.

Many times people are often confused as to whether to use ice or heat to help an injury heal.  Both have their benefits and uses. Ice reduces swelling in an injured area, and helps dull the pain in the area as well. Heat, on the other hand, provides a soothing sensation, increasing blood flow to the area and helping loosen up tight areas.  So which one is best? The answer is that it may be both-just not at the same time.

Typically speaking, immediately after an acute injury, the injury should be treated with ice (and compression if applicable). Normally inflammation follows immediately after the injury, so icing can help decrease this inflammation and dull some of the pain that is sure to accompany it.  It is important that for the first few days following an injury that ice, along with rest, is the main focus of the healing process.  Heat draws blood into an area, and during the first few days where swelling is often an issue, will only increase this swelling.  So until the swelling subsides, heat packs or pads should be avoided.

After the first few days are past and swelling is no longer evident, you can introduce heat. By alternating ice and heat packs you can begin to introduce more blood, oxygen and nutrients to the injured area to help progress the healing process. Again we are still using the ice packs to avoid swelling. It’s also important to start to exercise the area by slowly stretching and moving the injured area in an effort to avoid immobilization. Remember not to push to the point of pain as you may reinjure yourself. While you still may experience tenderness or slight pain for weeks after and injury, the need for constant attention to the area is not warranted. You can still use ice or heating packs if you want to help with the pain.

So remember-ice first and foremost and save the heat for a few days later at least. It might feel better to use a heating pack, but your body and the injury will thank you for the cold!

Sitting and Lower Back Pain

If you are like the millions of Americans who find themselves sitting behind a desk all day and fighting traffic both to and from work, chances are you may also be one of many dealing with back pain. Stiffness, dull aching, and pain when bending down to pick something up may be a part of your day that you’ve come to live with. No amount of adjusting in your chair seems to help alleviate the discomfort. So what causes this and what can you do to help alleviate it on your own? First we should note that not all back pain is the same. Here we are mainly discussing back pain related to being sedentary, but this pain could be caused by other factors such as lifting something heavy without proper form or a sudden twisting or jerking motion that your body was not prepared for. In these cases some of these tips may help while some cases may require seeking the help of a professional. 
We have become a society of sitters. We sit in our cubicle or office for hours on end. We drive everywhere-more sitting-and when we’re home we are plopped down on the couch watching TV. This has a serious negative effect on our back and spine. First sitting produces about twice as much pressure on our discs as standing, and unfortunately we also tend to slouch which only increases this pressure. Additionally when we sit we put our hamstrings into a fixed position, which in turns allows them to tighten and reduces their range of motion. This causes reduced mobility in the hips and often a curve forward in the lumbar spine. When this inactivity continues for long periods of time it can lead to damage in the spinal structure and make back pain worse and worse. So what do you do when your job requires you be in the office all day long? Here are a few tips for fighting and staving off back pain from sitting:
  1. GET UP: Every 30 minutes or so stand up and walk around. Increased activity will help loosen the lower back muscles and alleviate pain.
  2. STRETCH: When you get up, take some time to lean down and touch your toes and then reach for the ceiling. Make a point to sit on your office floor and go through as many hamstring stretches as time allows ensuring your hamstrings don’t stiffen up on you.
  3. WATCH YOUR POSTURE: Don’t slouch! Sit up tall and keep your core tight. This will lessen the effects of being seated.
  4. GET A CHAIR THAT FITS: Make sure the chair you have at your desk is ideal for your height and has lower back support.
  5. STRENGTHEN YOUR CORE: Doing exercises for your core can improve posture and avoid other strains from carrying or lifting things up from the floor.
  6. FOAM ROLL AND MASSAGE: Sometimes you can develop a knot that can wreck havoc on your back. Foam rolling sore areas or having a massage may help loosen up and alleviate any pained caused by this.
Hopefully these tips will help you to avoid the common back pain issues that many deal with. Like with anything it’s about being consistent. If you only stretch every 3 weeks or only get up every 5 hours most likely you will not see a benefit from these tips. Taking care of yourself and being preventative and not reactive is the trick! Again, if you find that your back simply isn’t improving than it may be time to schedule and appointment and get checked out.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Does your Life Suck? Great. got milk? I mean, Saffron.. Huh?

Saffron, a popular Middle Eastern spice, may be effective for treating mild to moderate depression, according to a study in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology (2005;97:281--4).

Depressive disorders affect about 19 million Americans each year. People who are depressed may experience excessive weight loss or gain, sleepiness or insomnia, feelings of worthlessness, decreased pleasure in activities that were once enjoyed, difficulty thinking and concentrating, persistent sad mood, and thoughts of suicide or death. Women are twice as likely as men to develop depression... What does all this mean? Mommy didn't hold me enough, Daddy touched my pee pee... Shut up and quit whining. If you're really depressed, and who isn't these days, have you seen my paychecks.. Then get off your oh, sad, little me ass and get some exercise. Move your butt! Clean something. Go for a run. Are you really "depressed," or just a little run down, over whelmed, tired? Perhaps your life really sucks. Remember, you are responsible for you. Do something about it. Or, do nothing and take your drugs. Your choice.. Dang, I feel better already. See. Happy birthday to me. I think I'm gonna go buy something! Yay! (not really my birthday..)

Saffron: Because depresson is depressing...

More benefits of Saffron.. 

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Dear Human,

Someday you will die and leave this earth behind. But on all the others days you won't. So live them. Live them like the priceless gift they are. Live each new today with eyes wide open. See the beauty. Focus on the good. Feel the sun, snow, wind, rain and elements of your planet on your skin. Walk your feet upon earth's ground. Star gaze. Climb trees. Go for drives. Look at other peoples homes and say to yourself, "There are people living their lives in there." Be aware that every person in humanity is going through their own thing. Be thankful. See your blessings, not only your problems.

Someday you are going to die. True. But on all the other days you will not.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Pharmageddon: America's Bitter Pill

Health Freedom Doesn't Exist

Although Americans have been repeatedly told that heart disease and cancer are the two leading causes of death in the US, in fact conventional medicine is the leading cause of death today!

"Endocrination" Full Length Documentary (2014) HD

The film shows how corporations and actors within the EU Commission are teaming up to demolish a major piece of public health legislation. 

For decades, industry’s strategy has been to advocate for a science-based policy. But which science exactly? This particular lobbying campaign provides helpful insights into the sort of science industry favours, and the sort it doesn’t...

The Game Changer: A Mercola Documentary (interesting..)

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Deep meaning to Relationships

DMT The Spirit Molecule

Beginners Chi-gong/ Energy Training

Energy training is Lightwork and can be used to create a more harmonious way of life and help eliminate illness and pains. Before anyone starts any energy work whether it be psychokinesis or simply using higher love to usher in new energies to the planet, I advice to use simple practices like tai chi/chi gong to help get your own life energy flowing. (btw...this isn't my advice, I'm learning to) M.J.