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Peace/Love and Hugs!
Guapo (Grandpa Jasso)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lesson for the Guys! Fire Viagra!

Hey! It's Marco. Did you know as we men approach 40, our serum testosterone level is half of what it was at 20. Yikes! We begin to lose our muscle mass, our sex drive AND we begin to lose our overall energy. Look around at all your FAT buddies! When we do want to have sex (With our significant other of course...) our erections are not what they used to be and although we hate to admit it, we slowly become less of a man than we once were. Imagine unlocking a car door with a wet noodle...But wait! Our doctors have the answer! Really? Yes! Viagra and Cialis! Just eat it like candy! Why? Because they get huge kickbacks from the pharmaceutical companies! Why don’t the doctors just treat the underlying cause of the problem? Duh! Because testosterone in what is a bio-identical hormone, is naturally occurring and therefore not patentable. Without a patentable drug there is no money in it for the drug companies. So who’s best interest is your doctor looking out for?
I am 45 years old now and have been using 1cc of testosterone cypionate each week for over a year now. I honestly feel like I am in my 20’s again. My muscle mass is as good as it was in college, my sex drive has never been better, and my energy level is fantastic! And the best thing is I see no evidence of any decline in the years to come. How do you think these movie stars stay so young? Have you seen pictures of Stallone at 60? Well there is the big, ole fat head...but that's a different story. I have recommended this hormone replacement to many men I know with unbelievable results. This is the best anti-ageing program available for men. Of course with proper nutrition!
Men, don’t sell yourself short. You can feel young again if you just do a little homework on this subject. If your own doctor is too hard headed to help you, there are hormone replacement specialist online that can answer questions for you. You only have one life to live. This will be the best decision you ever made! Absolutely, positively, guaranteed! And remember, don't count the days, make the days count!

Friday, July 16, 2010


Hey! It's Marco! Anyone can overreact. Anyone can procrastinate. Anyone can get pushed around by what they cannot control. But you are not just anyone. Lets build your mental muscles and fight off those 3 bullies. How? By winning the battle. Everyday you battle these bullies. How tough are you? Do you fight off: Procrastination? Negative thoughts? Peer Pressure? Are you tired of them winning the battle?
Here is the secret to winning the battle. Put your actions ahead of your feelings. These 3 bullies prey on your feelings. Force yourself to act differently than you feel and the bullies cannot survive. The bullies only win if you let them.

"Act on what you want, not on how you feel!" And remember, don't count the days, make the days count!