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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Still think Fluoride is good for you?! Watch this...

What's next? Lithium?? Anti-depressants?? How bout some scotch! ;)

Fluoride Is Good For You :)

Hey, it's Marco! I'm so sorry! I was wrong...Fluoride "IS" good for you!!
Where's my Colgate?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Farmageddon Trailer

Hey, it's Marco! Americans’ right to access fresh, healthy foods of their choice is under attack! Farmageddon tells the story of small, family farms that were providing safe, healthy foods to their communities and were forced to stop, sometimes through violent action, by agents of misguided government bureaucracies, and seeks to figure out why.


Hey, it's Marco! Doctors in Europe know about its miraculous IQ-boosting power and recommend it to millions. Yet in the US it remains nothing more than a garden flower. I’m talking about the periwinkle – otherwise known as Vinca minor. The periwinkle is more than a source of beautiful blue in your garden – it’s the source of a miraculous brain-booster called vinpocetine.

7 Healthy Things You Can Do In Less Than a Minute

Hey, it's Marco! I know it’s a pretty bold claim, but is it possible there are 7 things you could do right now – as you’re reading this – to make you healthier than you were just a few minutes before? Hmm, supthin' ta thunk about...
7 Healthy Things You Can Do In Less Than a Minute

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ingredient Decoder!

Hey, it's Marco! Wanna keep food real? Here’s a handy Kashi Ingredient Decoder™ to help you figure out what’s real on ingredient labels. Kashi indicates which ingredients they would use at Kashi and which ones  they would avoid to help you keep your own food real.

MOOMBA! (My Only Obstacle May Be Attitude!)

Hey, it's Marco! Positive attitude helps to cope more easily with the daily affairs of life. It brings optimism into your life, and makes it easier to avoid worry and negative thinking. If you adopt it as a way of life, it will bring constructive changes into your life, and makes them happier, brighter and more successful. With a positive attitude you see the bright side of life, become optimistic and expect the best to happen. It is certainly a state of mind that is well worth developing and strengthening. Goodnight! :D

Brand New Heavies!

Hey, it's Marco! This is what I listen to when it's time to sleep...And it's time to sleep...
ZZZZzzzzzzzzzz...... Wonderful Father's Day! (With a surprise, too!)

CELL PHONES AND BRAIN CANCER? My mobile is a Rotary! :D

Hey, it's Marco! Cell phones are already destroying our lives in far more insidious ways. We no longer talk, we text. We can't find our way out of a paper bag without GoogleMaps Mobile. We are so busy tweeting that we have run out of things to say in person.
Maybe the phones have just found a way to put us out of our misery. Perhaps?
Think about it -- there are so many other ways cell phones can kill you. Someone can bludgeon you with an old one. You can become so dependent upon iPhone apps that you lose the ability to entertain, feed or clothe yourself. There's probably an Android app that emits a high-pitched noise to slowly drive you insane. I would be worried that cell phones cause cancer were I not confident that before cancer gets to me, the phone will distract me while I'm driving and I will career off a cliff. (Yes, there are cliffs in Texas!)
Perhaps the most interesting thing is that cell phone studies of the future will show it's impossible to tell whether these things cause cancer. Compare people without cell phones to people with cell phones? The S-curve has already taken its toll. Where will you find a control group?




Hey, it's Marco! Where's God?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Marijuana! Ok...One more...(Really, I thought this stuff was bad for ya!) Oh, is my face red!!

Hey, it's Marco! Always wondered why pot was illegal and it isn't because the paper industry is afraid of competing with hemp -- it's because of racism and the culture wars. Okay...yeah, I tried some weed way back in the day and yes, I did inhale! All I remember is laughing a lot, I mean uh-lot! And then I believe I ate about 15 tacos!

Marijuana! Smoke This and YOU, Yes You, Will Burn in Hell For all Eternity! (But it's certainly okay to get wasted on alcohol and beat your kids, sleep with the neighbor, kill an innocent family while driving...

Hey, it's Marco! Many people assume that marijuana was made illegal through some kind of process involving scientific, medical, and government hearings; that it was to protect the citizens from what was determined to be a dangerous drug. The actual story shows a much different picture. Those who voted on the legal fate of this plant never had the facts, but were dependent on information supplied by those who had a specific agenda to deceive lawmakers.
PS. I never said that I've tried this stuff! Ok all you Moms and Dads...

Hemp Fruit Smoothie Protein Drink Blended healthy workout meal replacement

Hey, it's Marco! I don't believe this is possible with beer or whiskey...besides, this stuff is probably much better for you than alcohol! Can't imagine a Bud Light protein shake.

Joe Rogan on Marijuana legalization

Hey, it's Marco! The last man speaking is Dr. Lester Grinspoon, Associate Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.

And before you disagree..

TOBACCO ........................ 400,000
ALCOHOL ........................ 100,000
ALL LEGAL DRUGS .............20,000
ALL ILLEGAL DRUGS ..........15,000
CAFFEINE .........................2,000
ASPIRIN ...........................500
MARIJUANA ...................... 0
Source: United States government...
National Institute on Drug Abuse,
Bureau of Mortality Statistics

-Marijuana can cause short-term memory loss, but only while under the influence.
-Marijuana does not impair long-term memory.
-Marijuana does not lead to harder drugs.
-Marijuana does not cause brain damage, genetic damage, or damage the immune system.
-Unlike alcohol, marijuana does not kill brain cells or induce violent behavior.

Continuous long-term smoking of marijuana can cause bronchitis, but the chance of contracting bronchitis from casual marijuana smoking is minuscule. Respiratory health hazards can be totally eliminated by consuming marijuana via non-smoking methods, i.e., ingesting marijuana via baked foods, tincture, or vaporizer.   (Protein shakes?)
A 1997 UCLA School of Medicine study (Volume 155 of the American Journal of Respiratory & Critical Care Medicine) conducted on 243 marijuana smokers over an 8-year period reported the following: "Findings from the long-term study of heavy, habitual marijuana smokers argue against the concept that continuing heavy use of marijuana is a significant risk factor for the development of chronic lung disease." "Neither the continuing nor the intermittent marijuana smokers exhibited any significantly different rates of decline in lung function as compared with those individuals who never smoked marijuana."
The study concluded: "No differences were noted between even quite heavy marijuana smoking and non-smoking of marijuana." Marijuana does not cause serious health problems like those caused by tobacco or alcohol (e.g., strong addiction, cancer, heart problems, birth defects, emphysema, liver damage, etc.). Death from a marijuana overdose is impossible. In all of world history, there has never been a single human death attributed to a health problem caused by marijuana.
Like any substance, marijuana can be abused. The most common problem attributed to marijuana is frequent overuse, which can induce lethargic behaviour, but does not cause serious health problems.
Legalize marijuana and life would be better for most (if not all) people. 

Hemp for Victory 1942 (Part 1 of 2)

Hey, it's Marco! Produced by the US Government in 1942…Interesting to learn that Dupont Chemical funded the anti- hemp / marijuana effort. This is because they had patents on new synthetic fibers and Hemp had a new machine that would put them out of business if hemp were to be used for clothes. Dupont also sold – and still does many of the chemicals to wood pulp producers… so we continue to cut down forests… when Hemp could save millions of trees, be used as an alternative bio fuel and the US could easily grow enough hemp to eliminate the need for oil… So Big Oil does not want hemp legal either. Neither do the drug companies… they can’t patent it. They would rather keep selling you their drugs. By keeping it illegal the lawyers, courts etc… also make a buck. You can only get high from the female flower – nobody has ever died from smoking a joint.

Hemp for Victory 1942 (Part 2 of 2)

Hey, it's Marco! Part two of a US government propaganda film made during WWII touting the virtues of hemp. The film was aimed at farmers at a time when the miltary was facing a shortage of hemp, it shows how hemp is grown and processed into rope and other products.

Friday, June 17, 2011

CDC Study Shows 1 in 6 Children Developmentally Disabled

Hey, it's Marco! If it seems like every kid on the block has something wrong with him, well, you're not far off: New numbers from the CDC find that 10 million American children -- a sixth of all kids in the country -- now have some kind of "developmental disability." This is a category that's supposed to include everything from hearing loss to cerebral palsy, but c'mon -- you and I both know there's no hearing loss epidemic.
Despite all those white headphones dangling out of every ear, hearing loss among kids is actually DOWN over the past decade. No, the real reason for the 17 percent increase in developmental disabilities in just 12 years is due almost entirely to two conditions -- and I'm sure you can guess the ones I'm talking about.
Here's a hint: One's a complete fabrication... the other is badly overdiagnosed. The fabrication, of course, is ADHD -- the "disease" where kids who act up are rewarded with stimulant drugs.
These kids aren't sick. They might be inattentive, ill-mannered, hot-headed, hyper, violent, or lazy -- but they're not sick. These kids need better food, less TV, and an occasional kick in the seat -- and any parents willing to provide all three will see a miraculous ADHD "cure" right in front of their eyes. Why don't we stop trying to slap labels on every kid who's a little bit different -- especially when those labels lead to drug prescriptions -- and just focus on the ones who really need help for a change. Being a kid is hard enough! Remember?


“The greatest lie ever told is that vaccines are safe and effective”
Dr. Len Horowitz

Hey, it's Marco! The Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society recently issued a position statement  http://www.pediatricsupersite.com/view.aspx?rid=84600  that “opposes any legislation or regulation that would allow children to be exempted from mandatory immunizations based simply on their parents, or, in the case of adolescents, their own secular personal beliefs.”


BIG Pharma Paying Off The Doc? For True??

Hey, it's Marco! Could it be??



Hey, it's Marco! Roll up your sleeves, PhRMA (Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America) has big plans for new vaccines. Here they proudly boast about it. (BTW...This video is suhlowww! You may want to hold the pause button and let it load.) While some vaccine candidates flop in clinical trials — industry has lowered the bar on efficacy, so marginally effective vaccines are still attractive. And safety? Fuggedaboutit. Chapter 17 of Vaccine Epidemic by Michael Belkin describes the ruse of using other vaccines with proven neurological side effects as a placebo — so they can say in the study ‘adverse events were not statistically different than placebo.’ The current recommended US vaccine schedule (CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices) is 70 doses of 16 vaccines. PhRMA is salivating (like the Big Bad Wolf over Granny) to jump on that gravy train with these new vaccines. No wonder they want to take away our right of refusal.

"Among the medicines now being tested are … 145 vaccines to prevent or treat diseases such as staph infections and pneumococcal infections. Not included in this report are medicines in development for HIV infection. A 2009 survey by PhRMA found 97 medicines and vaccines are in testing for HIV/AIDS and AIDS-related conditions." You may read the entire article here: http://www.phrma.org/media/releases/nearly-400-medicines-vaccines-development-fight-infectious-diseases

Vaccines Will Soon Be Used to Control Behavior

Hey, it's Marco! Vaccines against nicotine, cocaine, and alcohol addiction are already being developed. With new methods in development, there's no telling what other behaviors will be targeted by vaccines. The new methods of creating vaccines are touted as particularly safe because they don't use killed, inactivated, or dead viruses, but instead use only bits of proteins that have been genetically engineered to be grafted into plants like nicotiana. This technology makes it quick and easy to develop vaccines to virtually anything that can be imagined.
So, bits of cocaine, nicotine, and alcohol are already being genetically engineered into vaccines that can easily be ingested, often through the simple expedient of breathing it in...sounds like a party!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Orgain Nutritional Shake - www.drinkorgain.com

Hey, it's Marco! This is a really great drink and certainly destroys Muscle Milk, EAS, and all the other garbage out there that is full of poison! If it taste like cake batter, it probably is cake batter! Remember, this is only a supplement...EAT REAL FOOD! And don't count the days, make the days count! :D

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

WHAT THE HECK IS AN ADJUVANT? (Cool name for a band? The Adjuvants!)

Hey, it's Marco! Well, if you must know, an adjuvant is a formulated compound, which when combined with vaccine antigens intensify the body's immune response...blah, blah, blah...Google it! Or click here...

Anyway, Dr. Jules Freund,  creator of an oil based adjuvant warned in 1956 that animals injected with his formulation developed terrible, incurable conditions:

* allergic aspermatogenesis (stoppage of sperm production)
* experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (the animal version of MS)
* allergic neuritis (inflammation of the nerves that can lead to paralysis)
* other severe autoimmune disorders.
Adjuvants can break "tolerance", meaning they can disable the immune system to the degree that it loses its ability to distinguish what is "self" from what is foreign. Had enough? Yeah, me too...But what really gets me is that folks still vaccinate their children!!


Hey, it's Marco! Are we an overmedicated society? Certainly much has been written concerning doctors' tendency over the past four decades to overprescribe antibiotics. Many physicians today worry that bacteria could build up immunities against these drugs, ruining antibiotics' effectiveness in the future. But as they are relatively inexpensive, antibiotics are often favored by physicians. But the expensive overmedication of America really began 12 years ago, when the Federal Drug Administration allowed drug companies to advertise their products on TV. Americans could now diagnose themselves during commercial breaks, and then "ask their doctor" to prescribe the most expensive, no-generic-available wonder drugs. The U.S. is the only industrialized country in the world that allows this practice, and it's not without controversy here. The pro argument is that some individuals who have been quietly suffering from one malady or another can be motivated to find a doctor and obtain medical help. The con argument is that many individuals with only one symptom—which might not necessarily indicate the problem the drug in the TV ad is for—may demand that medication from a physician, who in turn may see no harm in prescribing it.

Does Anyone Care That Babies and Young Children Are Dying?

Hey, it's Marco! More insanity! Or perhaps it's just me! Did you know that very soon, there will be a vaccine for "coke heads," and "cigarette smokers?" You think I'm making this crap up huh?? http://www.gaia-health.com/articles451/000478-vaccines-behavior.shtml
And I'm almost certain that if you can't stand your spouse, there will be a vaccine for that as well...(I'll post that a little later!) I'm kinda busy you know, with work and all. Please cry for me...Listen: Who cares about the babies that die? Our government certainly doesn’t! It is outrageous and tragic that our government and many of our doctors don’t care. Certainly we will never see medical officials caring about the deaths of infants caused by vaccines on a regular basis. The government’s identity has grown to such beastly proportions these days that everyone who is not “them” is an enemy, even the babies. Eff that!
The Babies and Young Children Are Dying :

Monday, June 13, 2011

Why Do the Good Things Hafta Be So BAD! Sugar Blues...

Hey, it's Marco! Is sugar a sweet old friend that is secretly plotting your demise? There is a vast sea of research suggesting that it is. Science has now shown us, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that sugar in your food, in all its myriad of forms, is taking a devastating toll on your health. The single largest source of calories for Americans comes from sugar—specifically high fructose corn syrup. Here's a quick "looksee!"

*In 1700, the average person consumed about 4 pounds of sugar per year. (Ah...the good ole days!)
*In 1800, the average person consumed about 18 pounds of sugar per year. (I can live with that...)
*In 1900, individual consumption had risen to 90 pounds of sugar per year. (First J-Lo Booty spotted!)
*In 2009, more than 50 percent of all Americans consume one-half pound of sugar PER DAY—
translating to a whopping 180 pounds of sugar per year! (Got Diabetes?)
Sugar is loaded into your soft drinks, fruit juices, sports drinks, and hidden in almost all processed foods, even cigarettes and McDonald's Fries! —From bologna to pretzels to Worcestershire sauce to cheese spread. (People really eat cheese spread?) And now most infant formula has the sugar equivalent of one can of Coca-Cola, so babies are being metabolically poisoned from day one if taking formula.
No wonder there is an obesity epidemic in this country. And you wonder why you're Fat!

Yoga improves mood, reduces inflammation and relieves chronic diseases

THIS JUST IN!! A NEW WAY TO CHECK FOR HEMORRHOIDS! Hey, it's Marco! Yeah, yeah, yeah...but I still can't get my foot behind my head! And when I'm in "down dog" you better not be behind me! (If you know what I'm talkin' about!) As it turns out, yoga is no longer just a gentle stretching for aging hippies. Ongoing research shows that this ancient ritual improves mood, helps breast cancer survivors, reduces inflammation and counteracts fibromyalgia. It's common knowledge that yoga improves mood and shrugs off stress, but until recently, we didn't know why...perhaps the breathing and relaxing yet strenuous workout it offers! If you're not "into" yoga, it's not to late to get started! (NO! That's not me in the above picture...why would I want to look up at that?)
Yoga improves mood, reduces inflammation and relieves chronic diseases


Hey, it's Marco! Times have changed. The pharmaceutical industry is in trouble: the golden age of medicine has creaked to a halt, the low-hanging fruit of medical research has all been harvested, and the industry is rapidly running out of new drugs. Fifty “novel molecular entities” a year were registered in the 1990s, but now it’s down to 20, and many of those are just copies of other companies’ products, changed only enough to justify a new patent. So the story of “disease mongering” goes like this: because they cannot find new treatments for the diseases we already have, the pill companies have instead had to invent new diseases for the treatments they already have. Recent favorites include social anxiety disorder (a new use for SSRI antidepressant drugs), female sexual dysfunction (a new use for Viagra in women), the widening diagnostic boundaries of “restless leg syndrome”, and of course “night eating syndrome” (another attempt to sell SSRI medication, bordering on self-parody) to name just a few...

Boy, 11, Sent Home to Die From Cancer...Grandparents Save Him! Yayyy! :D

Hey, it's Marco! After he developed an aggressive form of childhood cancer in 2006, Connah Broom's body came under relentless attack from the disease. Eleven tumours spread from his neck to his knees and his case appeared hopeless. In 2007, doctors told his family there was nothing more they could do. They said they should take him home to enjoy his final months. But Connah's family refused to give up hope. His grandparents began treating him with alternative therapies and, remarkably, he survived.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

As Long As BIG PHARMA Has Pills, You Will Always Have Problems!


Hey, it's Marco! Direct to consumer drug adverts in America are a proper joy, and especially the TV ones: your life is in disarray, your restless legs/migraine/cholesterol have taken over, all is panic, there is no sense any where. Then, when you take the right pill, suddenly the screen brightens up into a warm yellow, granny's laughing, the kids are laughing, the dog's tail is wagging, some nauseating child is playing with the hose on the lawn spraying a rainbow of water into the sunshine and laughing his head off as all your relationships suddenly become successful again. Life is good..."NOT!"

Gregg Braden: The Spontaneous Healing of Belief

Hey, it's Marco! I've read the Book and listened to the audio cd. I'm not getting strange here, but there's really something to the power of Belief! Try it with a side of "Action" and watch what happens...

More On Your Own Mind Power...

Do We "Really" Have To Take A Pill?

Friday, June 10, 2011

More INFO On the Eight Glasses of Water Thing...

Hey, it's Marco! As I said, the amount of water depends on many factors. How much salt are you eating per day...do you sweat alot...are you eating water rich foods? Drink water when you're thirsy! But what if you never get thirsty? Confused yet? Righttt! So is most of the population. Check out what Dr. Kim has to offer...

How Big Medicine Works and The Hypocritic Oath

"The F.D.A. protects the big drug companies, and is subsequently rewarded, and using the government's police powers, they attack those who threaten the big drug companies.  People think that the F.D.A. is protecting them.  It isn't.  What the F.D.A. is doing, and what the public thinks it is doing are as different as night and day."

― Dr. Herbert Ley, former Commissioner of the U.S. F.D.A.

How Big Medicine Works and The Hypocritic Oath


Hey, it's Marco! DNA Can be influenced and reprogrammed by words and frequencies! WOW WEE! The latest Russian scientific research directly or indirectly explains phenomena such as clairvoyance, intuition, spontaneous and remote acts of healing, self healing, affirmation techniques, unusual light/auras around people (namely spiritual masters), mind’s influence on weather patterns and much more. In addition, there is evidence for a whole new type of medicine in which DNA can be influenced and reprogrammed by words and frequencies WITHOUT cutting out and replacing single genes.

Does Fruit Really Make You Fat?

Hey, it's Marco! I must have missed that meeting! Some "fruit" out there with a Ph.D telling you what and when to eat. There's absolutely nothing wrong with having some fruit! Just don't eat food with watermelon,  unless you want to taste last night's turkey leg! I've been eating fruit all of my life and I'm no where near being overweight, not even a little...I usually eat fruit by itself or after a run or post workout! Ok, I'm lyin'! While I do eat fruit by itself, I also blend it with anything and everything! Try some frozen bananas, some oatmeal, some walnuts, and peanut butter in a protein shake with a dash of stevia and cinnamon! (yeah, with this drink, I'll add a digestive enzyme/Life's short!) Now, there is a reason or two that you may want to consider not eating fruit, you know, if you have a nasty diet, you're too acidic, etc. but we'll save that post for later.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

21 Free Preventative Medicine Habits!

Hey, it's Marco! It’s been said that the best offense is a good defense and the same is certainly true when it comes to your health. The fact is the best way to beat illness is to avoid ever getting sick in the first place. (Remember the K.I.S.S.) Keep it simple, Silly! Here are 21 totally cost free ways to head off health problems at the pass. " Gum on! Yoo Con Do Eet! Do eet nowah!"
21 Free Preventative Medicine Habits!

How diet soda causes weight gain

Hey, it's Marco! Really? Guess I'll havta add me alkeyhaul! Now where are the limes?

Magic Mushrooms Psilocybin Mushrooms and Spirituality

Hey, it's Marco! I'll have a salad...With extra Mushrooms please! :D

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

MEET RACHEL! From Cow to "WOW!"

Hey, it's Marco! WOW! Ladies if you don’t know who Rachel Mac is you will very soon.
She is one of the fastest rising fitness models in the country and her story is quite inspiring.
You see, after years of unhealthy eating and a sedentary lifestyle, Rachel’s weight skyrocketed to around 160 pounds. Being just 5’5’’ she knew she was definitely overweight…which made her feel depressed, hopeless,  and embarrassed. However, despite being a law student at the time and having a super busy schedule, she began making small changes to her diet and lost 20 pounds in just two months time.
Feeling inspired by her success, she decided to hit the gym and started to workout seriously…then combined that with a healthy eating plan…and now the rest is history.

Read more...http://perfectbodyrx.com/2011/06/08/jamin-thompson-vs-rachel-mac/

Those Damn Vaccines...

Hey, it's Marco! Immunizations have been so artfully and aggressively marketed that most parents believe them to be the "miracle" that has eliminated many once-feared diseases. Consequently, for anyone to oppose them borders on the foolhardy. For a paediatrician to attack what has become the "bread and butter" of paediatric practice is equivalent to a priest's denying the infallibility of the Pope. Remember everyone, God's latest miracle comes thru a syringe!

Fat Burning Chicken Nuggets

Hey, it's Marco! Make your own nuggets! You've got time...We all have the same 24 hours in a day. Just make sure that you're using good quality ingredients! Organic doesn't necessarily mean crap anymore! Besides, you don't want to know what's in a McDonald's Nugget! Eat these instead and have a cup or two of veggies. You'll feel better as well!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Everybody Farts!

Hey, it's Marco! Everyone farts! And yes, this includes YOU! The average is 10 times a day (if you’re pooting more than 22 times a day, says noted fart researcher Dr. Michael D. Levitt, you need to start watching what you eat, how fast you eat it and how much air you’re gulping down when you eat or drink). The average man fart, Leavitt says, is made up of about 110 milliliters of gas (like half a cup); the average woman fart is a bit more dainty, (dainty LOL!) with some 80 milliliters of gas (like a third of a cup). But take that times 10 and, well, You're producing something like 38 ounces of fart gas a day. My brother, Terrence can fart the Star Spangled Banner after a couple of bean nachos and a few beers! He can also do the "fizzle," the "snart" (sneeze fart) Oh! and the Trumpet and if you pull his finger while sitting on the same bench with him, he can make your butt vibrate! He's quite the talented Lad! :D


Hey, it's Marco! I drink water and lots of it. Ice Cold Water! How much? Depends on what I'm doing that day. During the summer, if I want to help the abs come out and play, I'll drink ICE COLD water upon awakening in the morning. Works for me! Oh and get this...If you really want to WAKE UP in the morning, toss the coffee and take a freezing cold shower! Don't believe this will get the blood flowing? Try it and learn for yourself! How much water should you be drinking per day? Beats me! But apparently, I'm drinking enough!


Hey, it's Marco! Not on my watch! The burden of cancer is increasing in economically developing countries as a result of population aging and growth as well as, increasingly, an adoption of cancer-associated lifestyle choices including smoking, physical inactivity, and ‘‘westernized’’ diets so the research tells us... Among many other things that I refuse to get into here...Get cancer, get chemo, get a tombstone! As I see it, we're all gonna die anyway, so stop the fuss about cancer and get on with life! I'll NEVER get cancer! But if I do, just put "HE WAS WRONG" on my headstone...


The Truth About Drug Companies. (Money Making Machines)

Hey, it's Marco! Did you know the majority of the new products (drugs) that Big Pharma puts out are almost identical to current treatments but "no better than drugs already on the market to treat the same condition." They can be less effective than current drugs, but as long as they’re more effective than a placebo, (so they say...) they can get the regulatory green light. Yes, I know, there is a time and place for pharmaceuticals...That is, if you're too old, tired and have no life left. Sure, then by all means, the drugs will help!


Organic Spies Find Lies

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Hey, it's Marco! Here is another outstanding book on breathing! Guess what? You can read it now!
Read it Now!

America's Most Dangerous Pill

Hey, it's Marco! When it comes to prescription drugs that are not only able to kill you but can drag out the final reckoning for years on end, with worsening misery at every step of the way, it is hard to top the benzodiazepines. And no "benzo" has been more lethal to millions of Americans than a popular prescription drug called Klonopin.

Got Fluoride?

Hey, it's Marco! Where does Fluoride really come from? Well...

All the fluoride used in water fluoridation is an inorganic, artificially derived form of fluoride pollution from the phosphate fertilizer industry.

The three forms of fluoride used are:

Fluorosilicic acid
Sodium fluorosilicate
Sodium fluoride

These forms of fluoride that are used in water fluoridation are all toxic waste by-products from the phosphate fertilizer, aluminum, nuclear and steel industries, and differs from naturally-occurring calcium flouride. I don't believe the makers of Crest want you to know this...


According to the U.S. Surgeon General, "there are profound and consequential disparities in the oral health of our citizens..." that have resulted in a "silent epidemic" of dental and oral diseases that disproportionately affects low-income and minority populations.
Unfortunately, not only are these groups afflicted with worse dental health, but are also suffering more extensively from the public health measure carried out under the guise of improving oral health: water fluoridation. Just thought I would pass on this info for you!


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mad Scientist, Monsanto and Human Experimentation

Hey, it's Marco! Imagine, if you will, a world in which health sciences, disease control, cancer research, bio-weapons research, vaccine development, biotechnology, food and agriculture, national defense, and chemical companies all work together under the military. Then imagine, if you will, that a certain chemical company under the guise of a life sciences operation, produces an herbicide/defoliant for military use so destructive and highly toxic that contact with it causes cancer, diabetes and birth defects. And then that same chemical/life sciences company partners with a funding corporation whose team members include the ex-partner of the inventor of the world’s first completely synthetic organism, which was recently unleashed in the ocean and has since turned its ever-hungry sites on human flesh. Then imagine that same company with a monopoly on our food supply…

Urgent Warning about Gardasil

Thank you, thank you...I'll be here all night...

Where Are The Bees??

Hey, it's Marco! Honeybees have been mysteriously disappearing across the planet, literally vanishing from their hives. Known as Colony Collapse Disorder, this phenomenon has brought beekeepers to crisis in an industry responsible for producing apples, broccoli, watermelon, onions, cherries and a hundred other fruits and vegetables. Commercial honeybee operations pollinate crops that make up one out of every three bites of food on our tables.  Bees are disappearing all over the planet and no one knows why.

Vanishing of the Bees Trailer

Hey, it's Marco! Lions and Tigers and...No Bees? OH MY?

Friday, June 3, 2011

Herbs You Can Use to Promote Muscle Growth!

Hey, it's Marco! Many people underestimate the power that herbs can have on our health. There are natural herbs which aid in weight loss and boost metabolism. Try these nine herbs and tell me what you think! And you thought all those muscle head supplements really worked...If you're wanting to add a little size, (muscle) try eating a little better, adding more ICE COLD WATER which WILL help you drop the bodyfat (Drink it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach!) and take your time in the gym! Here's what I know and this works well for me: It will work for you too!!
Don't go to the gym to chat, read a book or listen to whatever is on your ipod! Do these five exercises to failure! Which means your veins are popping out and you feel like throwing up! That's failure! All you need is two sets of each and NO MORE! Remember, five seconds up and five seconds down! Sloowww...
Do it for a month and watch what happens! I know you can, but will you?

1. Squats
2. Bent over rows to stomach
3. Incline presses with dumbells
4. Deadlifts
5. Pull ups

Now stop laughing and read this short article:

Ginger! Did you know...

Hey, it's Marco! Ginger is also a powerful weapon as part of your arsenal against sickness. A protector of the stomach, this potent root helps intestinal disorders and cleanses the colon. While effective enough to ease nausea from chemotherapy treatments, ginger is also gentle enough to relieve the discomfort of colicky babies or the morning sickness of pregnant mommies. Whether it’s diarrhea, indigestion, vomiting or motion sickness, Ginger is a powerful remedy.


Bad Medicine That You're Payin' Out The ASS For!!

Hey, it's Marco! Drugs are cheap. There are few drugs that would sell for more than $5-$10 a prescription in a free market. However, many drugs in the United States sell for hundreds of dollars per prescription and sometimes several thousand dollars per prescription. There is a simple reason for this fact: Big Gubment-granted patent monopolies! 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dr. Weil Endorses Gary Taubes' Good Calories, Bad Calories

Why We Get Fat by Gary Taubes

Hey, it's Marco! Very interesting Book! Grab a copy and find out for yourself! Remember, diets do not work! They may help for a while, however, no one has the will power to stick to anything! Shedding fat and staying in shape is easy! Very easy! People make it difficult...

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Hey, it's Marco! Don't know if this is good for ya, but it certainly sounds Awesome! Just keep it organic!

This Is Why I Never Answer My Mobile! Now you know...

Hey, it's Marco! Does your head hurt after a five minute yap on the cell phone? Well, mine does! Ain't no Tylenol gonna fix that! Funny that when I put the cell phone down, the head ache tends to go away! Put the cell phone in my back pocket...My Ass hurts! (LOL! Just kiddin'!) The United Nations’ health agency, the World Health Organization, now lists mobile phone use in the same “carcinogenic hazard” category as lead, engine exhaust and chloroform. But no adverse health effects have been established, the agency explains...Now if I could only figure out why my phone vibrates when no one is calling...Is it just me?