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Friday, June 10, 2011

Does Fruit Really Make You Fat?

Hey, it's Marco! I must have missed that meeting! Some "fruit" out there with a Ph.D telling you what and when to eat. There's absolutely nothing wrong with having some fruit! Just don't eat food with watermelon,  unless you want to taste last night's turkey leg! I've been eating fruit all of my life and I'm no where near being overweight, not even a little...I usually eat fruit by itself or after a run or post workout! Ok, I'm lyin'! While I do eat fruit by itself, I also blend it with anything and everything! Try some frozen bananas, some oatmeal, some walnuts, and peanut butter in a protein shake with a dash of stevia and cinnamon! (yeah, with this drink, I'll add a digestive enzyme/Life's short!) Now, there is a reason or two that you may want to consider not eating fruit, you know, if you have a nasty diet, you're too acidic, etc. but we'll save that post for later.

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