Thank you so much for stopping by! Time appears to be flying by way too fast and I'm looking to do something exciting with the rest of my life. I'll be starting an online fitness business called "GoBeDo" sometime this year. Be sure and check in. You'll learn about High Interval Training, Yoga, Body weight exercise, Spartan races, Functional training and whole lot more. Real $hit, for Old Timers like me. Why? We only have one shot at a grandiose and fulfilling life. Let's get busy creating one. Remember, it's the start that stops most people. The last thing I want to take to my grave is "regret!"
Peace/Love and Hugs!
Guapo (Grandpa Jasso)

Monday, January 30, 2012

Cancer the Forbidden Cures - Full Documentary

Hey, I'm Serious! In the last 100 years dozens of doctors, scientists and researchers have come up with the most diverse, apparently effective solutions against cancer, but none of these was ever taken into serious consideration by official medicine. Most of them were in fact rejected out-front, even though healings were claimed in the thousands, their proposers often being labeled as charlatans, ostracized by the medical community and ultimately forced to leave the country. At the same time more than 20,000 people die of cancer every day, without official medicine being able to offer a true sense of hope to those affected by it. Why? Why not? Folks gotta make money, right? Might as well cash in on those poor souls who are dying...

The Shocking Truth About The Gerson Therapy. How To Heal Cancer With How...


How to Make Carrot Juice For Healthy Digestion

Hey, it's Marco! Put some Yummy in my Tummy, Dummy! Carrot Juice! It's not just for breakfast anymore! And any nutritionist that tells you carrot juice will make you fat... "Fire Them!" Carrots do not make you fat! You! make you fat...
PS. The girl is kinda cute, huh? Yeah? It's from the carrots!


Hey, it's Marco! Why are Americans the most programmed and conditioned beings on the Planet? Could it be from the media or perhaps from the beliefs that have been passed down to us from our authoritarian figures such as our parents, doctors, religious leaders etc? Here are a few examples of what most Americans believe: Ah... Conventional wisdom!

*Pharmaceuticals restore health (They may help, but they cure nothing)
*Vaccination brings immunity (Seriously?)
*The cure for cancer is just around the corner (Yeah, what corner?)
*When a child is sick, he needs immediate antibiotics (Depends on the illness)
*When a child has a fever he needs Tylenol (Absolutely NOT!)
*Hospitals are safe and clean. (Got staph?)
*America has the best health care in the world. (Then why are Americans so sick? And fat?)

Want to know how this all got started?
BS! (Belief Systems) 

U Can Be Sexy at 72 and Beyond - Mimi Kirk

Mimi Kirk - Sexiest Vegetarian! WOW WEE!! And She's 72!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Aspartame: 100 Times Sweeter Than Sugar But is it Safe?


Dr. Andrew Wakefield FIGHTS BACK!

Hey, it's Marco! This outta be a good fight! The ‘gloves’ are on with Dr. Andrew Wakefield in one corner, and Brian Deer, the British Medical Journal (BMJ), and Dr. Fiona Godley in the other corner! Andrew Wakefield, as plaintiff is not about to take the destruction of his reputation lying down. Quoting from petition to the court in Travis County, Texas we find “charges made by the defendants that Dr. Wakefield fraudulently and intentionally manipulated or falsified data or diagnoses in the Lancet paper are false.”  “…Defendants [Deer, BMJ et al] knowingly and with actual malice, misrepresented information, data and diagnoses, for the purpose of creating the false impression that it was Dr. Wakefield who had manipulated or altered data and diagnoses.”
Fighting back!

Dr. Andrew Wakefield: GUILTY? Hmm...

Hey, it's Marco! (Old news btw...) An infamous 1998 medical journal report by Andrew Wakefield, the doctor whose research sparked international concern over whether or not childhood vaccines cause autism, "was based not on bad science but on a deliberate fraud," according to Dr. Fiona Godlee, editor in chief of BMJ, formerly known as the British Medical Journal...
Bad Doctor?

GRANDMA SAYS "SPLENDA" IS GOOD! She Also Let's Me Drink Beer...

Whazzup in the World today People? Awesome day btw... Can't wait to get outside and play! But... What if you were told to ingest a biologically alien synthetic chemical whose presence on this planet did not predate 1976, and whose structure is only a few atoms away from the deadly pesticide DDT, and you knew that not only were there no long term human safety studies performed on it, but that it had been already proven in tests to have way too many adverse health effects... Huh? What if?
What tha?

Real Poison!


Hey, it's Marco! In order to simulate various flavors in processed foods, some food manufacturers are actually using aborted fetal cells to test and produce these artificial chemical enhancers that millions of Americans consume every single day. Concerned about the ethical and moral implications of such a process, Oklahoma Senator Ralph Shortey has introduced new legislation to prohibit this practice from occurring in his home state...



Hey, it's Marco! Today's lesson... Trans fat is the common name for a type of unsaturated fat with trans-isomer fatty acid(s). (Now you know...)
Unsaturated fat is a fat molecule containing one or more double bonds between the carbon atoms. Since the carbons are double-bonded to each other, there are fewer bonds available for hydrogen, so there are fewer hydrogen atoms, hence "unsaturated". Cis and trans are terms that refer to the arrangement of chains of carbon atoms across the double bond. In the cis arrangement, the chains are on the same side of the double bond, resulting in a kinked geometry.
The process of hydrogenation is intended to add hydrogen atoms to cis-unsaturated fats, eliminating a double bond and making them more saturated. These saturated fats have a higher melting point, which makes them attractive for baking and extends their shelf-life. However, the process frequently has a side effect that turns some cis-isomers into trans-unsaturated fats instead of hydrogenating them completely.

Trannies! (Not that kind..)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

20 Lies Every American Should Know!

Ron Paul! That's Healthy!


One of the most inspirational speeches in recorded history was given by a comedian by the name of Charlie Chaplin in the movie "The Great Dictator". If you like what you see please share the video!

STAYING LEAN! The Easiest Thing I've Ever Done! (Rant...)

Hey, it's Marco! This might be loooonng! I've never been overweight! Never! Yet I see people struggling daily to maintain or shed a little body fat. It's quite simple to stay lean. Find what you love to eat and make a healthier version! Easy to do, right? Apparently not! We're all busy. Work, relationships, children, stress, gotta pay the rent! What's on cable? So much food. So much to choose from. People don't have time to prepare dinner. Too many things to do. Soccer practice, grocery shopping, homework, business... Life! You may be outstanding in one area of your life, or several even, yet when it comes to dropping that extra weight, you've thrown in the towel. If you're overweight, it's because of your habits. Time for change! got goals? Well, they're not going to work! Listen, I'll keep this simple. I eat what I want. Just not when I want if that makes sense... I keep food in the fridge, in the car, in my warehouse, I'm usually always prepared. Every meal does not have to be a Thanksgiving dinner! Learn to enjoy and savor your food. And chew it! When eating, imagine your food nourishing your body! Want a beer? Have one, but only half and really enjoy and take your time with your half! Want dessert? Have some! But only have a couple of bites and do your best to taste the flavors. No time for exercise? Gimme a break! Find ten minutes and do push ups, standing squats, and some calf raises. Tomorrow, find ten minutes and just stretch and relax. Craving something sweet? Drink some water or what I do is keep some "Hail Mary Chocolate Mint tarts" in the fridge, cut them in eight pieces and have bite or two. There's absolutely no reason to eat a couple of pizza's or a tank of ice cream while watching TV ever! Cut back on the white stuff! Bread, rice, pasta, flour, sugar etc. Drink some water! Remember what water taste like? A little of the bad stuff isn't going to kill you. We're all human and I've yet to meet anyone that's perfect! (Even Megan Fox!) Go for a walk! Grab your honey, grasp their hand and go for a walk! Great way to get to know one another again or perhaps even fall in love all over! Do the same with your children. Time well spent! Find a fruit that you enjoy, I love bananas, and keep them close. Keep them at your desk, in your purse, back pocket and snack on them when you're feeling hungry! Fruit will not make you fat! You make you fat with the garbage you shove down your throat! Don't let your friends and family entice you into grabbing a couple of cold ones and some burgers. Be the influence and don't stoop to their level. Staying healthy and fit is all about choices. Make the right ones and don't beat yourself up if you make a bad one. Life's to short and in some cases too long! And please don't buy into all the health crap you see on television! 100 calorie bars, slim fast, miracle pills! What a crock! Eat real food! I love chicken soup! Especially this time of year! Just not the canned stuff! Whole Foods has a chicken soup that rocks! I sometimes use "Perfect Bars" or I'll keep some peanut butter and bananas at work, and spread them on Ezekiel Bread! Yummy! (Gotta have a toaster!) Microwaves and microwave foods are also out! Drink almond milk rather than cow milk! Tea beats soda any day! You ever had Kombucha? Green drinks! Learn to make them! Breakfast takes all of seven minutes for me in the morning! I toss all kinds of goodies in the blender, mix it up and drink it on my way out the door! (Yes, I also have to make breakfast for five children everyday too, so I only have the seven minutes to make my own!) Most people are overweight because they stress themselves out and make no time for themselves! Stress does not exist! Send me a bucket of stress and I'll send you $10,000! Stress comes from your thoughts! Look, with a little planning, a few minutes of exercise and better food choices, you will drop the pounds. Absolutely, positively, guaranteed! I've gotta get some sleep! If you really want the skinny on weight loss, I'm writing a book! Probably give it away for free! However, what I know will help! Weight loss does not have to be complicated! Send me an email: marco@lessonsinhealth.com.
PS! I know this is simple, but the little things do count! Remember, it's the start that stops most people!



Hey, it's Marco! The stomach creates an equal amount of sodium bicarbonate to alkalize the food you eat with an equal amount of the highly toxic acid, hydrochloric acid, as a waste product. The stomach is an organ of contribution and its main contribution is to maintain the alkaline design of the blood and tissues by alkalizing the acids from the food we eat to the energy we use. You gotta stay alkaline folks!
got meat?


"Oh...Please don't be offended by the above picture...
Why? Because rule number two is: Never take anything personal! Some folks love to walk around looking for a reason to be offended. Don't be one of these people because you will most certainly find what you are looking for... And it will slowly destroy you!" Marco/

Because when life really sucks, you can always take a pill! Drugs! Not hugs! Remember! It's physically impossible to enjoy the many pleasures of life! No one can do this without the help of Evil Big Pharma! Gotta cold? Take a pill. Nose too big? Take a pill! Erectile issues? Dry vagina? Headaches? Spouse a royal pain in the arse? Take a pill! Want more excitement in your life? Take a frikkin' pill! If you live in the good ole U.S. of A, you've been conditioned to run to the doctor or the pharmacy for a drug! But! Times are a changin'! Eat real food! Live! Love! Laugh! And stay away from negative people! That's really all you need...right? Oh, and memories! Create some great memories! Life's short! And you can't take anything with you when you die but your memories! The last suit I wear will have no need for pockets! Anyway, life is much better without drugs! Of course, I didn't believe that in the 80's! LOL! Yeah baby! Those were some Good times! I should write a book!! OH YEAH! Watch the video! 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Hey, it's Marco! Like the saying goes, the only constant is change. We may resist it all we want, but time and its inevitable evolution of everything in its path is unaffected by our attempts to stop it. The resulting trajectory of humanity’s nascent ascent appears to be positioning itself to sweep us into progressive new times, especially where our food choices are concerned, as nearly 7 billion people are now standing on the little scraps of land that we share with some 55 billion rather large animals raised for food each year. (As another famous saying goes: This town ain’t big enough for the both of us.) So, beef (and all factory-farmed meat) may be going from rib-eye to relic as we transition to a greener world… literally—as in leafy, green vegetables.
got kale?

PS! Try my kale shake! Simple:

You need a blender! I recommend the "Ninja!"
10 ounces of veggie juice (Homemade or Lakewood brand) It's organic btw...
(Or Almond milk unsweetened)
One scoop of protein powder (Optional)
Add lots of kale! Not too much but lots!
Add blueberries, bananas, a spoonful of greek yogurt. (Or strawberries, pineapple, pear, whatever...)
Add walnuts, some stevia
I also add some cayenne pepper! Blend it all up and drink anytime! This stuff rocks! But you have to try it! Come on... If my kids will drink it...


Gratitude! It's not just for Sundays anymore...

You Must Remember Rule Number Six!

Hey, it's Marco! Remember, there is no need for any other rules. In a society with rules, there will always be distrust and rule breakers...

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Morning Banana Diet! Is This For Real?

Goin' Bananas!

Children's Vaccines: Research on Children and Possible Neurological Consequences

In this very comprehensive and extensive section on vaccines - and children's vaccines in particular - we hope to continually update you in a balanced manner regarding the many new studies and controversies regarding childhood vaccinations and the possible risks of vaccines, especially concerning developmental delays and neurometabolic disorders in children.
We will discuss and review the theories and data surrounding vaccine risks and complications, central nervous system (CNS) pathology, brain damage, demyelination issues, vaccine-induced neuropathies, public policy concerns, the mercury and thimerosal controversy, autoimmunity, and the possible relationship or link between childhood vaccinations and autism spectrum disorders.


The Vaccination Agenda: It's NOT What You Think!!

Hey all you poke my baby in the arse or the leg with a vaccine people! Let's face it: the only real justification for using vaccines to "immunize" ourselves against disease is derived from the natural fact that when challenged by infectious agents the humoral arm of our immune system launches a successful response capable of conferring lasting immunity. Were it not for the elegance, proficiency, and mostly asymptomatic success of our recombinatorial immune system in dealing so well with infectious challenges, vaccination would have no cause, no scientific explanation, no justification whatsoever.

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Hey, it's Marco! 5 Reasons Bullying Is Worse Than Ever!
Bullying has been around for ages, but today it's more pervasive, anonymous, psychologically scarring — and even deadly. Everyday Health Medical Director Mallika Marshall, MD, explains what all parents need to know about bullying — and how to stop the bullying 'epidemic' from spreading even further.
Help Stop The Madness!


Hey Howdy Hey! Everybody knows aloe vera is great for cuts and sunburns, even bug bites. It's been called the "First Aid" plant. Aloe vera's soothing gel inside the thick, succulent leaves is an incredible natural skin care "product." But what about the rest of the body: are there benefits for your insides too? Actually there are some very powerful benefits from the aloe vera plant. No one plant offers all the health benefits of the aloe vera plant.
Aloe vera is a semi-tropical succulent plant originally from North Africa, and now grown worldwide. It looks like a desert plant. Aloe vera is one of the oldest and most popular medicinal plants known to man. It's mentioned in ancient documents, including the New Testament, where it was used with other herbs for embalming! WOW!

got aloe?




Hey, it's me! When the issue of “alternative medicine” comes up, skeptics often invoke some version of the cliche uttered by Michael Shermer not long ago in an interview before a panel discussion with Deepak Chopra and others on “The Nature of Reality”: “There is no such thing as alternative medicine. There’s just scientific medicine, and all the unproven stuff. What Deepak is promoting is a sort of alternative, complimentary medicine, and most of that is woo-woo.”
The insinuation, of course, is that “scientific medicine” has been proven. But as Wellsphere has written before , this just isn’t true. Most conventional medical practices are just as “unproven” as those Shermer dismisses as “woo-woo.”

Thursday, January 19, 2012


HEY! It's Marco! There is absolutely NO REASON to be over weight! Absolutely no reason! Excuses are like a*holes! Everyone's got one...or two... And there's not a thing wrong with your thyroid either!

Saving the Planet? WTH? You Can't Even Save Yourself!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Hey, it's Marco! My wonderful friend, Dashama, responds...
Aloha love,
This week there has been a great deal of discussion about an article written in the New York Times Magazine. I read the article and saw the photos. And I have to say, I agree with some of what was written. Here’s why.
Many people have come to me over the years for healing, after injuring themselves in another yoga class. Whether it was a neck strain, a strained or torn muscle, shoulders, wrists, joint problems or any other issue, these stories have always concerned me.
I can usually pin point what the issue was:
1). they were trying to do something beyond their ability
2). they were too warm from the heated room, thus being lead by a false sense of flexibility
3). ego was in control - as they looked around the room observing other students mastering gracefully advanced poses and in an attempt to look cool or try something out of their reach, injury was the only reward
4). not being present with the movements, with their breath nor with their original intention with the practice, therefore trying too hard to be something they are not instead of just being everything they are - which is perfect - exactly where they are.
Dashama Responds...

Sunday, January 15, 2012

HEALTHY THOUGHTS! Why Not! Feelin' Filo-SoFi-cAl right now...

Hey! It's Marco! (This is what happens when I've had no sleep...)
*As I see it, there is probably a God and a devil and obviously people. Giving credit to God when something good happens or blaming the devil when something bad happens in your life, shifts personal responsibility. You are accountable for you.
*Never elevate your voice at home or in public unless it is an emergency. A loud person in quiet places is rarely appreciated and shows disrespect to others. It is best to leave their company.
*Raising your voice in frustration or anger is the sign of a weak mind. To argue in an emotional state is fruitless. Walk away and return when you have calmed down and can think clearly.
*When you consume anything in excess that is harmful to the body, do not question your health when it finally collapses. Even after learning to manage your addictions the ramifications to your health may not come to light right away.
*It is good to laugh at others once you have learned to laugh at yourself. Even then you may only laugh with them, but never at anyone else. Foolish behavior is unbecoming to all.
*Life is filled with learning opportunities. If you do not learn something new on a daily basis, you are doing something wrong. Continual learning stimulates the brain which may have health benefits as we age!
*Never harbor resentment or anger towards another person for not looking at life the same way as you. Negative emotions erode your body's energy and will cause poor health by stresssing the internal systems.
*If you have an extra dollar and wish to donate to a charity, think twice. Instead, give the contribution directly to someone you know personally that is in need ot it. That is always best.
*There are no problems in life, just tasks that require solutions. The word problem suggests that something is bigger than you can handle. All can be dealt with, however some issues may require more time.
*Media, containing adult material must be kept out of the reach of children. A child's innocence is sacred. They should not be exposed to the vices of this world until they have reached proper maturity.
*Care not what others think of you. Your energy will make others notice you. Some, because you demand respect will bow, the envious and insecure will either hang their heads in shame or challenge you.
*There are no Gods, devils and demons making decisions for you. Only people influence and corrupt. Religion, mythology, dogma and belief have their foundations in both truth and the herding of cattle. Be NOT a follower, be a LEADER!
Twelve things, twelve thoughts to ponder...and remember, don't count the days, make the days count! Now go exercise! I'm goin' ta sleep!   ZZZZZzzzzzzzz.....

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dr. Mary's Monkey

Advertising executive Ed Haslam discussed how his investigation of the 1964 murder of a cancer researcher led him to a story which connects a massive contamination of the polio vaccine to our current cancer epidemic and even the JFK assassination. "When you look at the story, each piece fits in with each other piece, very cleanly and very logically," Haslam observed, "it's only when you stand back and look at it, that it looks as strange as it does." It also really makes you stop and think about what the government is really not telling us. Ah, the "Gubment!"

Lethal Injection: The Story Of Vaccination

The definitive look into the history of vaccination. From cancer, to autism, to the purposeful sterilization of innocent people around the globe, find out why all of these things are perfectly legal according to U.S. CODE - why the government considers you no different than cattle in their own law.
However, I consider you VALUABLE! And if we were to meet, I'd bet that we would more than likely become really good friends! That's why I'm posting this! I want you healthy! Why? Because life is much better with abs! LOL!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Top 10 Facts about Marijuana

The Facts: Why Marijuana is NOT Dangerous

Hemp for Victory (1942) Full Film - WWII Hemp Uses

Hmm... I wonder what happened? Money??


Hey Howdy Hey! Sandwiched between the holidays and the Super Bowl, Big Food celebrates “weight loss” annually as an occasion near and dear to its heart. With millions of freshly-minted New Year’s resolutions ready and waiting, the processed food industry takes advantage of these emotionally vulnerable folks they’ve helped fatten up during the past year. Low on self-esteem and oftentimes filled with self-loathing, overweight people flock to buy the treasure chest of body-slimming solutions, and Big Food smiles all the way to the bank. After all, it’s not too often that companies can make money off the problem they’ve helped to create. But upon taking a closer look at the many weight-loss “solutions” Big Food offers, you quickly realize they are nothing more than highly-processed “faux foods” that distort the concept of healthy eating.

High Fructose Corn Syrup HFCS "Party" TV Original Commerical

Hey, it's Marco! HFCS! Really! It's Good for ya! Try some today. Remember, it does a body good. And it's made from corn! Damn! I think I'll have some now! Wonder if that's GMO Corn?

Plastic Lettuce. It's Not Just For Kids Anymore...

And as always, a BIG THANK YOU to the great Paul Fassa for bringin' this to my attention! For an even better blog, check out the Healthmaven here! PS! I don't mean to borrow from him, but, I have to work, train, take care of the children, snuggle with my Wife, take out the garbage! Perhaps in another life...Thanks Paul! I owe you! 

So, um... What if I told you that cow, pig, and chicken collagen is now used in place of wax on your fruits and vegetables, among many other  things much worse than you can probably imagine?
And what if then I told you, as with most atrocities that happen now-a-days, that this is all approved by the FDA…

Cancer Is Man-Made, Not Caused by Genes or Long Life: Study Documents

Hey Get This! Could it be?? Forget all that garbage about the search for the cure for cancer. It will never be found! Never I say! See? Yeah...Never! Be found! See...Yeah... (Love that! Thanks Bugs Bunny!) The search for a cure is nothing but redirection from the reality that cancer is caused by modern life. Think I'm makin' this stuff up? It isn’t in your genes and it isn’t ever going to be cured. It’s an internal effect of the world we’ve, well, not me, you've created—and symbolic of our destruction of the natural world. A study entitled “Cancer: an old disease, a new disease or something in between?” was done by A. Rosalie David and Michael R. Zimmerman of the University of Manchester KNH Center for Biomedical Egyptology. Published in the journal Nature Reviews Cancer, it strongly suggests that cancer is a disease of the modern world. It is, of course, controversial. But isn't everything controversial these days...

Man Made!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Cut Cost, Not Quality: How to Afford Better Food - Real Food!

Hey! It is just me or is todays food just a plate full of crap! There’s growing evidence that industrial food just ain’t what it oughta be. Lucky for us, the path to super-nutritious food at affordable prices offers many entry points. We’ll pilot you through the diverse options in this guide to shopping smart and eating better food.

Friday, January 6, 2012


Hey, it's Marco! But you CAN believe everything you read here! Well, almost! If it works for me, it will certainly work for you! Absolutely, positively, guaranteed!
Stay healthy!


Hey, it's Marco! Mycologist Paul Stamets studies the mycelium -- and lists 6 ways that this astonishing fungus can help save the world. We need all the help we can get...


Hey Howdy Hey! Are we all Martians? According to many planetary scientists, it's conceivable that all life on Earth is descended from organisms that originated on Mars and were carried here aboard meteorites. If that's the case, an instrument being developed by researchers at MIT and Harvard could provide the clinching evidence...
Could it Be?

JEALOUS? Here's What You Can Do About It!

Hey, it's Marco! Learning to distinguish and then to avoid the thoughts that weaken you will give you a greater sense of power and authentic energy in your life. Weak thoughts like anger, hate and jealousy always weaken you because it requires a counter force. Thoughts of love, peace and joy will only strengthen you because it never takes anything from you – it only ‘adds’ to you. Remember, the person who dislikes himself is the biggest burden to be around in the world. They are never happy, they use other people to try to make them happy, and they blame other people for the condition of their life.

And more here...
Jealousy Test


Hey, it's Marco! When I walk on by, girls be looking like damn he fly! I pimp to the beat, walking down the street in my new la freak, yeah...This is how I roll, animal print, pants outta control, What?? Oh, Oh, wait! Sorry! That's what I get for workin' with my Ipod on... Anyway... With rates of obesity, diabetes, and nearly every other major health problem rising each year, why has the United States decided to heavily subsidize junk food? Farmers around the country choosing to grow healthy crops like chard, broccoli, and spinach simply do not have the government funding that those growing massive amounts of corn and soy beans (of which above 90% of each are genetically modified) do. Does the U.S. government really think that fruits and vegetables are not as important as grains which are used mostly for processing harmful food items? It may be time for a policy change. Wouldn't you agree?

Monday, January 2, 2012

Detoxify Your Ego To Prepare For The Energy Shift Ahead

Hey! Marco here! As you approach this beautiful period of ascension where you are changing our density and moral landscape, it will be more important than ever to learn how to connect with others more and detox your ego.
First, you need to detoxify your mind, that is, rid it of all thoughts and intentions that do not promote advancements in morality. Make sure that you do not even think of doing harm to others. You should know how not to give sorrow to others nor let others give you sorrow. Some people tend to specialize in causing sorrow to others. If you are not alert to the devices of such people, you will pick up the sorrows, and keep them in your mind. Use your mental and physical faculties to fight the tendency to harp on these negative thoughts that can cause harm. You have to use your imagination to think of alternatives to such negative thoughts. Remember, some folks, like my Step Mom, go thru life looking for a reason to be offended! Stay away from these negative energy suckers! 
Detoxify Your Ego To Prepare For The Energy Shift Ahead

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Food That Kills - Full Documentary

Enjoy! Peace, Love and Happy! And Happy New Year! 2012 is gonna ROCK! 
Stay healthy!

Olive Oil -- It's NOT good for your heart!

Another reason I only use walnut and coconut oil! And Quaker State ain't so bad either!

Are Humans Designed To Eat Meat?

Hey, it's Marco! You Humans will eat anything! Try some real food for a change! LOL!

"Pos T Vac" WTH! This is Funny!

Hey, it's Marco! Talk about a "blow" to a man's ego. And that's just the hard truth. Here's a bad sign. The first Google auto complete option when you start typing the name of this wonder product is "Pos-T-Vac scam." Here's another bad sign. Some company in Augusta, Georgia which sells these things got raided by the Feds for Medicare fraud. Guys, if you're having issues with your "Thingy," check your diet, get off your ass and get in some exercise! And definitely check your testosterone levels! Your "Pee Pee" should work until the day you die! Remember, exercise will "Pump" you up! 

TEDxIowaCity - Dr. Terry Wahls - Minding Your Mitochondria

This message is especially dedicated to Alma Maldonado! Stay alkaline my Friend! 

In the video above, Dr. Terry Wahls tells the inspiring story of how she reversed multiple sclerosis after seven years of deterioration on the best conventional treatments available -- simply by changing her diet!'

ANUNNAKI Coming Back. Ancient Technology: The E.T. Connection

Hey, it's Marco! What does this have to do with health and wellness? Beats me? But it's kinda cool!


Sorry, I just had to see this one more time! I certainly believe in God, but I must say... Religion? Here are 50 reasons why religion sucks!

1) There are too many religions, how does a believer know he picked the right one?
2) Offers religious people the wrong understanding of the world they live in
3) Has caused many wars
4) Further separates and classifies people
5) Full of contradictions
6) No proof other than the inability to disprove
7) Does not agree with science
8) Disrespects the hard work of the scientific community
9) Religious claims have yet to have scientific backing
10) People do not need religion to have morals (ex: learn to respect others, not kill or steal)
11) Waste of time
12) Waste of money
13) Waste of space
14) Wasted of lives
15) All churches would be better off being shelter for poor people
16) Religion unites people for the wrong reasons
17) Leaders often times use religion to bring their people to their sides
18) Most religions are outdated and lack any historical backing
19) No scientific or supernatural occurrences have been discovered yet
20) Religions change and evolve overtime depending on the general populations beliefs
21) Does not explain life before life
22) No way to know what comes after death
23) Easily accepted by naïve people
24) Religions do not respect each other
25) Religion does not make people more comfortable
26) Religions are corrupt in many levels
27) Though different in names, most major religions are all similar, somewhat proving that they really come from the same source
28) If god knows the future then there is no free will
29) Has caused hate crimes
30) Heavily religious countries have not shown to be “better” off
31) Discriminates against free thinkers
32) Discriminates against harmless people with different beliefs and sexual orientations
33) Can give probable cause for anyone to do anything “I slit her throat because god told me to”
34) Many animals have been killed due to religious sacrifices
35) Does not disprove atheism legitimately
36) Operates on scaring believers by using places like hell and eternal punishment to keep them in line
37) Many people have been killed due to religious sacrifices
38) Religions are taught in schools as fact
39) Many children are raised religious at a young age without a choice to reason and choose what they want to believe
40) Prayers have yet to have been proven to be effective
41) No “miracles” have been documented
42) Religion does not offer a valid explanation of the world around us
43) Religion confuses people
44) Some religions do not allow its believers to question their faith
45) Religion requires blind faith
46) Religion is not the cause for technological advancements, in fact, it only slows it down
47) Older religions have trouble accounting for new scientific discoveries that directly contracting the religion
48) God has yet to show up and give us an update on wtf is going on
49) Things such as guardian angels, reincarnation, resurrection have yet to have been proven or witnessed
50) Even the most religious people tend to mourn and fear death, despite the fact that heaven appears to be a very nice place – contradiction?



Hey, it's Marco! You've been told that canola oil is healthy and good for you, right? You've surely seen articles that tell you how good canola oil is, and what a fine vegetable oil it is for cooking, baking, and salad dressings. When you go into health food stores you see many products that proudly list canola oil on the label. There are $8 jars of mayonnaise made of canola oil! You see many canola oil products in all the healthy chain grocery stores as well. So, any idiot would know this is a right choice when it comes to cooking oils, right?  Wrong!  Canola oil sucks! Sucks ass! Like cottonseed oil, or hydrogenated oils, this was never meant for human consumption. Did you ever ask yourself what a "Canola" plant is? Or where you find "Canola" seeds? Ain't no such thing. This word comes from the con-traction of "Canadian oil", and is purely a promotional, made-up name. It actually comes from the seeds of the rapeseed (Latin for rapa or turnip) plant. Canada is the prime producer of rapeseed, and always has been. It was used industrially for a long time. Canola is not even fit for animal feed because of the high erucic acid level. Erucic acid is a very toxic plant compound that comprises about 50% of regular rapeseed and mustard oil. This plant was severely genetically engineered over a long period of time to reduce the erucic acid to less than 2%. To be called "canola oil" it must contain less than 2% erucic acid. You're still eating toxic erucic acid! This was never meant by nature for people or animals, and is purely a commercial production for profit. Like cottonseed oil (Barf!), the whole motive here is profit. Mo Money! Mo Money! Mo Money! There is even a Canadian canola oil organization to promote the use of it. Btw, they probably use it to "grease" their assholes!
Why has the natural food industry embraced and promoted canola oil so heartily? Because most of the people in the natural food industry are a bunch of punk ass weinees who will do, or say, anything to separate you from your money. Most all of them know nothing about natural health, and do not eat natural foods themselves. It is purely a business to them. They eat at fast food joints on their way to the bank while slurping down soft drinks. Don't buy canola oil any more. Don't buy products containing canola oil and read the labels when you buy foods to see if the product has canola oil in it.
Canola Oil!
And here is what the skeptics have to say...
Oh yeah, the only oils I use are walnut and coconut! Now you know...

Angels Still Don't Play This HAARP

Okay... Based on the best selling book Angels Don't Play This HAARP, narrator Dr. Nick Begich presents a compelling discussion of one of the important military advances of the United States government. The technology is designed to manipulate the environment in a number of ways that can jam all global communications, disrupt weather systems, interfere with migration patterns, disrupt human mental processes, negatively affect your health and disrupt the upper atmosphere. Want more? Do your own research...
Peace, Love, Happy!


Whatever your searching for - this video puts everything in its proper prospective...


Hey Howdy Hey! Seriously, I don't have time for this crap...

HAARP! My Cousin Plays this Thing!

Hey, it's... Hmmm, think I'll havta look into this Haarp thing... Mind control? Weather control? Mommy! I wanna die of old age! What's wrong with Humans? Why must we have so much hate? Control? Pride? Ego? I miss my Familia! Hang on folks! I'll get to the bottom of this!! Until then, hit the gym! Get strong! Prepare for war! Protect your loved ones!! :D