Thank you so much for stopping by! Time appears to be flying by way too fast and I'm looking to do something exciting with the rest of my life. I'll be starting an online fitness business called "GoBeDo" sometime this year. Be sure and check in. You'll learn about High Interval Training, Yoga, Body weight exercise, Spartan races, Functional training and whole lot more. Real $hit, for Old Timers like me. Why? We only have one shot at a grandiose and fulfilling life. Let's get busy creating one. Remember, it's the start that stops most people. The last thing I want to take to my grave is "regret!"
Peace/Love and Hugs!
Guapo (Grandpa Jasso)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Food Groups!

Hey! It's Marco! So I'm reading about the four food groups. This just doesn't sit right with me. Shouldn't there be more? How about these:
1. Eggs
2. Seafood
3. Dairy Products
4. Organ Meats
5. Nuts and Seeds
6. Beans and Legumes
7. Fats and Oils
8. Fibrous Garden Veggies
9. Potatoes
10. Breads, Cereals and Grains
11. Organ Meat
12. Fruits and Juices
Just a thought! And don't forget to chew your food. Your stomach doesn't have teeth! Unless of course you like really bad gas! Chew your food! And remember, don't count the days, make the days count!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

But I don't have a gym membership!

Hey! It's Marco! Give me a jump rope, some floor space and a pair off dumbells, and I'll get you in shape! Forget the bench press! Forget the squats! Stop logging miles on the treadmill! No more curls, no more calorie counting, no more crappy pre-bought packaged food in a box! No more running in traffic, to heck with the celebrity fitness books! Stop eating twigs, dirt and rice cakes! And stop wasting money on supplements that just don't work! No more gadgets! No more gizmos! And no more three easy payments of just $19.99! Stop "waisting" time! (Waist...as in yours getting bigger!) Can you do some pushups? Some full body situps? Some standing or better yet, Hindu squats? Are you able to jump rope? How about some yoga poses? If not, go see your Doctor and cry about it or get off your butt and do something about it! Is getting back in shape difficult? Compared to what? Compared to running three marathons, having a baby, working two jobs? No! It's not that difficult, but it can be. It all depends on how you look at it. I guarantee getting healthy and fit is a heck of alot easier than spending weeks or months in the hospital recovering from some illness that you ate or drank your life into! Energy and being fit and healthy is life! Try creating a life, or spending time with your family and friends or going to work or just getting thru the day lifeless with no energy! Try it! Or are you living it? Tired all the time? It's no wonder no one likes you or you're no fun to be around. Stop blocking your success! Now! Need help? I'm just an email away! Remember, attitude is everything! I have my best workouts when I don't feel like exercising! Have a great weekend! And remember, don't count the days, make the days count!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hey! It's Marco! You know what? A life without purpose has no meaning! A life without purpose has no love! A life without purpose has no energy, no spirit! What happens when we have no life? We tend to get bored, and boredom can lead to inactivity so many of us turn to alcohol, drugs, and violence. This is not the way we are supposed to live! This is not the way! So let’s talk about ENERGY and how we can have more of it! It’s quite simple. What do we put into our bodies, junk or nutrition? If you are overweight, you don’t have to starve yourself or count calories. You don’t have to follow a dismal diet. You don’t have to fight cravings. You don’t have to live on grass and water. You do not have to suffer any longer! Activity Cures Everything! What do you know about digestion, sugar, sodas, dairy products, meat, coffee, stimulants, vitamins and minerals? I believe that the number one reason most people are overweight is because of EXCUSES. That’s right, excuses! I don’t have time to walk, I don’t have time to go to the gym, I have children or I have too many responsibilities. What about these; gym memberships are too expensive, I’ll get around to it or I’m just too tired. How about it’s my Thyroid, I’ve got bad knees. Being fat runs in my family. I hear it all the time, one of these days, yeah, yeah, yeah. Tell me about your habits. Are you locked into your daily habits? Are you addicted to your own BS? (Belief Systems) Most people don’t want to change and even more are looking for a magic pill. I even know some that run to the plastic surgeon once a year to get the fat sucked out. Why would anyone go thru such pain and agony when all it takes are a few simple changes? Are you willing to give up what you want in the moment now, for what you truly deserve in the future? Here’s one of my favorite quotes; “don’t trade what you want most for what you want in the moment!” Listen, there are many hard things in life, but only one sad thing...and that's giving up! Remember, you have the world's greatest computer sitting right on top of your shoulders! What are you doing with yours! Stay tuned...the website will be up soon! I promise, I'll do my very best to get you in the best shape possible! Absolutely, positively, guaranteed! Oh yeah...don't count the days, make the days count!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Hey! It's Marco! On the morning of his 42nd birthday, Grabwell Grommet awoke to a peal of particularly ominous thunder. Glancing out the window with his bleary eyes, he saw written in fiery letters: "SOMEONE IS TRYING TO KILL YOU, GRABWELLGROMMET!"
With shaking hands, Grommet lit his first cigarette of the day. He didn't question the message. You don't question messages like that. His only question was, "Who?"
At breakfast as he salted his fried eggs and buttered his toast, he told his wife, Gratia, "Someone is trying to kill me." "Who?" she asked with horror.
Grommet slowly stirred the cream and sugar into his coffee and shook his head, "I don't know," he said. Convinced though he was, Grommet wasn't going to the police with his story. He decided his only course was to go about his daily routine and hope to somehow outwit his would be murderer. He tried to think on the drive to the office. But the frustration of making time by beating lights and switching lanes occupied him wholly. Nor, once behind his desk, could he think a moment what with jangling phones, urgent memos and the problems and decisions piling in as they did each day.
It wasn't until his second martini at lunch that the full terror of his position struck him. It was all he could do to finish his Lasagna Milanese. "I can't panic," he said to himself, lighting his cigar. "I simply must live my life as usual."
So he worked until seven as usual. Drove home fast as usual. Studied business reports as usual. And he took his usual two Seconal capsules in order to get his usual six hours sleep. As days passed, the man fully stuck to his routine. And as the months went by, he began to take a perverse pleasure in his ability to survive.
"Whoever's trying to get me," he'd say proudly to his wife, "hasn't got me yet. I'm too smart for him."
"Oh, please be careful," she'd reply, ladling him a second helping of beef stroganoff. The pride grew as he managed to go on living for years.
But as it must to all men, death came at last to Grabwell. It came at his desk on a particularly busy day. He was 53.
His grief-stricken widow demanded a full autopsy. But it showed only emphysema, arteriosclerosis, duodenal ulcers, cirrhosis of the liver, cardiac necrosis, cerebrovascular aneurysm, pulmonary edema, obesity, circulatory insufficiency and a touch of lung cancer.
"How glad Grabwell would have been to know," said the widow smiling proudly through her tears, "that he died of natural causes." Think on that everyone! And remember, don't count the days, make the days count!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

What did I eat today?

Hey! It's Marco. Just received an email about my diet. I don't like that word, "diet." What I eat could fill up a small book, so I responded with what I had eaten on Friday.
For Breakfast: Every morning upon awakening, I have a green drink. (www.macrogreens.com) In the drink, I add a capful of Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar, one packate of Vitamin C powder, one quarter teaspoon on cayenne pepper and sweeten with Stevia or Zylitol. I then had a bag of stir fry veggies and two eggs.
For Snack: One bowl of oatmeal, with rice milk and water, and some plums.
For Lunch: Big juicy organic grass fed burger! Yummy! With no bread. Salad and more veggies.
For Snack: Vanilla protein shake with pecans, almonds, and a tablespoon of yogurt. (For protein powder, I use Jay Robb, Don Lemmon's Complete Protein or the NOW brand. )
For Dinner: Grilled chicken breast with my special veggie tomatoe sauce. (Garlic, sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach...)
For Snack: Had a little cottage cheese with avocado. I add flax seeds, some protein and fiber to this meal.
Okay...so I usually eat this way. Now that doesn't mean I don't still have the pizza, sushi, BBQ, pasta, etc. I just prefer to eat my carbs with carbs, and my protein with fats! Well, most of the time. Things just appear to digest better this way. Try it! When one starts mixing all of these items together...I really don't care to be around when all the GAS starts to show up! OH! And I chew my food! Peace and love!

What's stopping you?

Hey! It's Marco! So what's stopping you from getting in shape? From having a stronger and healthier body? Are you busy and have no time? A millionaire and a bum have the same 24 hours in a day! Problems? Everyone has problems. If you don't take care of them, they will be with you for a lifetime! So use them to get better, stronger and healthier! Problems are just challenges. Find a solution. Don't have a gym membership? I rarely get to the gym! And I'm still in better shape than most people. Too tired? You're tired because you're lazy? You had time to get fat didn't you? Listen, stop making excuses and stop wasting time! Killing time is not murder, it's suicide! Stop wasting time living someone else's life! Stop watching the garbage that's on television. Stop looking for a magic pill! They don't exist! And stop the stress! Stress will make you fat and sick! And stop the procrastination! Procrastination is nothing more than getting ready to get ready! And it will get you nowhere...until later. All you need to get started is 20 tiny, little minutes. Ten minutes in the morning, ten minutes in the afternoon. Make it happen. Make it a habit! Soon the 20 minutes will become 30. You'll look better, you'll feel better, and you'll be happier with your success. Baby steps! Go, Be, Do! And remember, don't count the days, make the days count!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Hey! It's Marco! You know what's weird and rather interesting? If I don't feel like running tonight, yet I still go, I'll perform just as well as if I had felt like running. That's amazing, huh? Why is that and what does this mean? If you put your mind and body in motion, the emotion will follow! I heard a great quote today: "People of action are favored by the Goddess of good luck!" Just because I don't feel like doing something, doesn't mean I still can't do it. Think about this. What is it that you think you can't do but really can? Drop some weight? Start a business? Get along with the outlaws, er, I mean the inlaws. Feelings aren't facts! That negative inner dialog is usually nothing more than a lie! Just because you feel tired doesn't mean you are tired! Perhaps these feelings are just fantasy or a psychological game we're playing with ourselves. Are you tired? Are you unhappy? Are you depressed? I didn't think so. Work with me here! I'm doing my best to practice what I preach! These messages are to me, for me, by me, to inspire me to become a better person. The benefit is...they may just help you! And if I'm helping you, I'm helping myself! Nothing is unfair in life! Go! Be! Do! Be strong, live long! And remember, don't count the days, make the days count!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Hey! It's Marco! Are you down? Lacking energy? Did you know that if you could put exercise in a capsule, it would be the most popular pill in the world! WOW! And no side effects! Read on...Move! You've got to move! You don't need a gym and you don't need any fancy shoes! All you have to do is walk! Walk! And it's totally free. That's it! Nothing to buy either! Do you want to shed some bodyfat? Walk! Are you depressed? Walk! Got nothing to do? Walk! How bout high blood pressure? Shut up and walk! It's that simple. So let's get addicted to something good for a change! Exercise is one of the best remedies on the planet! So walk...or run! Thirty minutes a day! Just try it! You'll like it! You'll want to do it again, and again! You'll tell people about it! And it's easy...you can walk by yourself. You can walk with a friend. You can walk with your pet, your spouse and even your kids! Just walk! Thirty minutes a day. Walk to the end of the street. Walk to your neighbor's house. (Borrow an egg or something) Then walk back! You'll look better, you'll feel better and your body will appreciate it! Absolutely, positively, guaranteed! And as a matter of fact, it's so easy, you can start right now! Activity cures everything! And remember...don't count the days, make the days count!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Is Attitude everything?

Hey! It's Marco! If you have a horrible attitude, how can you compete with someone who has an outstanding attittude? You can't! Attitude is everything! How would you feel if you had a better attitude? How would you look? How would you stand? How would you breathe? The next time you find yourself with a bad attitude, pick yourself up? Want to know how? Do something nice for someone else! Not only will they feel better, you will feel better too! Change your actions, change your thoughts and you'll change your feelings! And never let your setbacks become your identity. You are not a victim. And don't believe everything you think! The majority of your thoughts are not true! Getting healthy ain't Hocus Pocus...it's Focus Focus! You'll never know how truly wonderful being totally healthy, vibrant and fit feels until you get there! So start today! Imagine if you had started a year ago how much better you would be feeling today! Why wait, it's the start that stops most people! Be strong, live long! And remember, don't count the days, make the days count!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Go All Out!

Hey! It's Marco! It's a holiday weekend and everyone I've spoken to has major plans. Beer, BBQ, picnics, fiestas, festivals, travel and time with friends and family. While all of that is okay, I know that a large percentage of these fine folks will awake Sunday morning with the infamous "hangover!" I know, I've had my share...and I never want to nurse one again! Back in the day, I probably spilled more alcohol than most people drink in a lifetime! This weekend, do something good for yourself! Get in some exercise, have a good cleanse and enjoy those around you. Spend time with loved ones or get outside with the children and enjoy the sunshine! Stay away from the negativity! Don't give in to temptation! And never allow your circumstances to affect your attitude! Enjoy the weekend and be fully engaged! If you get side tracked, know that life is a marathon, not a sprint. Correct the mistakes and get back on track. Love plus laughter equals ENERGY! Have a blissful weekend, and remember, don't count the days, make the days count!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Quick Note!

Hey! It's Marco! For all of you out there setting goals...STOP! Do this! Make promises! I'll bet you move forward much faster this way! What do you think? Everyone breaks goals but a promise, now that's a keeper, especially a pinky promise! I promise to take better care of myself, my family, my body, my mind and my friends! Oh, and my vehicle! Do it! I promise you'll feel better. You want a 10 day challenge? It's called the no "C's" for ten days! NO cake, cookies caffeine, cola, chocolate, cheese, candy, coffee, complaining and criticizing! I know you can do it, but will you? And remember, don't count the days, make the days count!


When the horse dies, get off! Hey! It's Marco! So what's stopping you from getting into shape? From living a healthier lifestyle? From having the body you deserve? Could it be a spouse or partner that's just not into wellness? A full time job that takes up most of your time? I can come up with a million excuses, so let me stop now! Know this, what you refuse to confront will eventually conquer you. Change your beliefs! You probably think that you're too old to workout, or too busy. None of this is true! Get to the gym, get to the track or just get out of the house and move! You'll never attain self confidence from the comfort of your living room! Unless you're doing P90X by Mike Horton. That program rocks by the way! And stop listening to that stupid negative voice inside your head! The negative voice inside your head is nothing but a lie! Don't let this voice overcome you! If you've got problems, handle them! One at a time and move on without hesitation to the next one. Handle them and take control of your life! You found the time to get fat, now make the time to get healthy! Activity Cures Everything! Getting into shape and getting your health back is not difficult! It's just time consuming. Make it fun! Make it happen! And remember, don't count the days, make the days count!