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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Your Mommy was wrong; Never make your bed !!

Your mother always told you to make your bed. Every single morning after you’d rise, groggy and miserable, you’d get the inevitable question: “Did you make your bed?” Well, guess what? It turns out mom was wrong — it’s actually better for you, and for your overall health, not to make your bed at all. Why? Because of these.
Dust-mites... (ooo, say it again, Dust mites !)
The mighty house dust mite. Actually, it’s not mighty at all. These microscopic little buggers are running rampant in your bed (sorry, but it’s true). In fact, the average bed can be home to 1.5 million of them. House dust mites feed on human skin scales (ew), so they love to take up residence with us under the sheets. The allergens they produce (which are actually the mites’ poop) are easily inhaled during sleep and are a major cause of illnesses like asthma. They don’t exactly help dust allergies, either.

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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Dr. Wayne Dyer: Still Missin' My Man ! Rest in Peace dear Friend...

A Tribute to Wayne Dyer

There have been many spiritual gurus, but none have touched as many lives as Wayne. Here's what I learned from him:

1) He measured his success not by the money he made but by the lives he touched.
2) He lived as if no one was watching, and simultaneously as if everyone was watching; blending selfish joy and selfless service as if they were the same currency.
3) He treated everyone as family and willingly took on the role of surrogate father, as well as a spiritual guide to his millions of grateful followers.
4) He never cared what people thought about him, while he simultaneously changed what people thought. In retrospect, I can now see that he boldly took great satisfaction from his ability to do that.
5) He lived a richly abundant life, while living it simply, worrying less about profits and keenly focused on the purpose of his work.
6) To him, life itself was the gift, and love was the only reward worth seeking.
7) He made the most mundane facts interesting, and simplified the complicated nature of spiritual awareness, which enhanced his charm as he brought us all closer to God.
8) He lived his life so authentically that you felt as if you were always seeing who was in EVERY minute, sort of blurring the lines between reality and fiction right before your very eyes.
9) It was never clear who his REAL family and friends were, because in his mind there was hardly a difference, yet he fiercely dedicated his life to a small circle of loyal family and friends, as he opened his world (and even his home) to a barrage of strangers.
10) Finally he pushed the boundaries of life itself, never accepting anything at face value, always searching for meaning, and always, always, believing that miracles would show up exactly on time.
Thanks Wayne for leaving a little part of yourself in each of us. Thank you for the gift of your dharma and for the volumes of work that have forever changed our ability to see the face of God in ourselves and in every one else. In your honor I commit to "see the light in others and will act as if that is all I see."

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Why You Should Drink Lemon, Cucumber, and Mint Water

And because it taste so darn good ! 

Is Chipotle's No GMO promotion backfiring ?? IWANNAKNOW..

Who would have thought that health food advocates would be cheerleading for a fast food chain simply because it promoted its food as GMO free. Most health food types rarely use fast food restaurants, or at least shouldn’t. But just a few short months ago in April 2015, health sites celebrated the Chipotle Mexican Grill announcement that they had become GMO free with headlines like “We’re Winning”, referring to their resistance against GMOs.
Chipotle is a relatively upscale fast food restaurant chain with franchises in several countries including the USA. So that would be great publicity for the anti-GMO movement.

But Hold On Now …

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Remembering my Mentor, Dr. Wayne Dyer...

I am still in shock, my heart aches and tears continue to roll down my cheeks. I am going to miss this man way too much. I will listen to his teachings everyday for the rest of my Life. Good bye Wayne. I love you...

Tribute from Hay House...