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Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Yoga for Beginners with Dashama!


Hey Howdy Hey. Merry Christmas! And a big THANK YOU to Elizabeth Hyndman for this piece! 

Saint Nicholas is possibly the most popular saint worldwide, though much of his fan base is largely unaware he is a saint. They know even less about the life of this man who would eventually become a symbol for Christmas.

Nicholas was born sometime around AD 280 in Lycia to wealthy, Christian parents. Not unlike many saints, the tales of Nicholas’ life focus on his goodness. He is said to have shown remarkable piety even from birth. There is at least one account of Nicholas, on the day he was born, standing up and praying to God in the middle of his bath, and there are numerous reports of the infant Nicholas refusing to nurse on days of fasting. It is hardly surprising, then, that from a young age, Nicholas was known to enjoy church and memorizing songs and Scriptures.

When he was still a boy, Nicholas’ parents died in a plague, leaving him with great wealth. He continued in their charitable work, striving to use his money for good. His uncle, the Bishop of Patura, became his guardian and ensured his education in the church. Nicholas was an exceptional student and became a priest at a very young age.

Once, while traveling by sea to Jerusalem, a storm threatened the safety of Nicholas and the ship’s crew. Legend has it that Nicholas prayed to God and immediately the storm was calmed. Upon returning from that trip, he visited a church in Myra. A priest was outside the church waiting. When Nicholas arrived, the priest asked his name. As Nicholas answered, the priest began praising God. He explained that God had told him to wait outside the church and the next person to come by, named Nicholas, would be the new Bishop of Myra. While Nicholas at first humbly refused, claiming unworthiness, he eventually became their Bishop. He was called the Boy Bishop, because of his age, and was supposedly loved by all.

The stories of miracles performed by Nicholas are numerous—increasing grain cargo on a ship in order to feed his people, appearing to an emperor in a dream to save three wrongly accused men, again calming a stormy sea, bringing a drowned boy back to life and many others. It is said that he performed at least 20 miracles in his lifetime.

Two stories of Nicholas are more popular than others, perhaps because of their connection to the image we have of Saint Nicholas today. It is said that during a famine, an innkeeper captured three boys, chopped them up and put them in a barrel of salt water, with plans to eat them. Nicholas somehow found out, imprisoned the innkeeper and brought the boys back to life. Because of the story of this miracle, as well as others, Nicholas gained a reputation of protecting children.

The other popular story is that of a man with three daughters. The man was poor and could not afford dowries for his girls. At the time, this meant they would have to succumb to a life of prostitution. Hearing this, Nicholas dropped a bag of gold down the chimney (or, according to some, threw it in the window) on the night before each girl needed a dowry for marriage. One story says the last bag of gold Nick threw in landed in a sock, hanging to dry above the fireplace. Sound familiar? Another version of the story tells of Nicholas’ request to remain anonymous until after his death.

From these stories, it is easy to see how Nicholas, Bishop of Myra, eventually morphed into the Saint Nick we’re familiar with today. He is the patron saint of children, so the custom arose of giving gifts to children in the name of Saint Nicholas on his feast day, December 6. The Dutch eventually brought this tradition to America. Their name for Saint Nicholas—Sinte Klaas—eventually evolved into Santa Claus.

Saint Nicholas (as well as our modern Santa Claus-version) was known for his generosity, his love of children and his care for the poor. Because of these qualities, and his December death-day, he has become associated with Christmas. It makes sense, given that Christmas is the time when we celebrate the birth of Jesus, the One who perfected generosity and love for children and the poor.

This Christmas, instead of complaining about Santa Claus taking over, we can strive to remember the life of a man who is known for living out Christ’s love. May we, too, be aware of the needs of those around us and be willing and generous enough to help. Merry Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 23, 2012


“In a sickroom you cannot have a better disinfectant than the onion. It has a wonderful capacity for absorbing germs. A dish of sliced onions placed in a sickroom will draw away the disease; they must be removed as soon as they lose their odor and become discolored, and be replaced by fresh ones.”

Happy Holidays! What centuries of grandmothers have instinctively known is now being confirmed by everyone from modern scientists to naturopathic doctors. Onions may have the ability to ward off and relieve symptoms of the common flu. And in a world where, according to the CDC, many Americans will get the seasonal flu every year, the simple method of boiling onions into a drinkable broth may be a good practice to return to.

Onions! Read on...

FREE MOVIE TIME! "The Shift" Beautiful Movie. Enjoy ~~

Wayne Dyer explores the spiritual journey in the second half of life when we long to find the purpose that is our unique contribution to the world. The powerful shift from the ego constructs we are taught early in life by parents and society—which promote an emphasis on achievement and accumulation—are shown in contrast to a life of meaning, focused on serving and giving back. Enjoy!

Wishes Fulfilled? Could it be? Let's Find Out!

How to Be a No-Limit Person! Get Busy Gettin' Busy!

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Monday, December 17, 2012


Marco here. Chill. It's gonna be a great Christmas! But just in case, I have beer... 


The (Honest) Truth About Dishonesty

Hurricane Sandy Shows Clear Evidence We Live In A Giant Chemical Spill


A common industry practice puts consumers at higher risks for eating food contaminated by deadly pathogens -- and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Beef! If acclaimed authors Upton Sinclair (The Jungle), Jeremy Rifkin (Beyond Beef) and John Robbins (Diet for a New America) haven’t given you enough reasons over the last century to be wary of the meat industry, then a year-long investigation by the Kansas City Star may do the trick. The Kansas City Star investigated what the industry calls “bladed” or “needled” beef, and found the process exposes Americans to a higher risk of E. coli poisoning than cuts of meat that have not been tenderized.
Although blading and injecting marinades into meat add value for the beef industry, that also can drive pathogens — including the E. coli O157:H7 that destroyed Lamkin’s colon — deeper into the meat. Stick with organic grass fed beef!

BEEF! Yummy...

I Am Grateful

The way we choose to perceive life makes all the difference. Choose to see life as the gift it is. Be grateful. Be alive. Gratitude opens the door to freedom. Lessoned learned? Stop focusing on what you don't have in your life and focus on what you're grateful for that is in your life. This may just make all the difference in the world... If you're not living the life you want, it's not too late to make a change. And never worry about what people may think as you prepare a better life for yourself. What other's think of you is none of your business.

If Your Life Sucks, It's because YOU Suck!

Marco here.  The idea that your consciousness is a creator is a concept that has taken roots in science, many different schools of thought, mainstream thinking, and personal growth & self mastery. Think on these things...

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Magic mushrooms & Reindeer? Merr Ree Christmas!!

Have you ever wondered why on Christmas we cut down and then place evergreen trees inside our houses, decorate them with fancy ornaments, and place presents underneath them?

No Marco. Why "do" we place Christmas trees in the living room? Well, sit back and read this wonderful little tail. oopsies! Tale. Enjoy. 

Santa and The Magic Shrooms!

Disclose.tv - The Psychedelic Secrets of Santa Claus

PS: Yes, I will always believe in Jesus and Santa, but isn't this fun...

Saturday, December 15, 2012

The 50 BEST Quotes on Self Love!

The biggest struggle in life is the struggle to know, embrace, and accept ourselves, with all of our faults and imperfections. Many of us were raised  by parents who were themselves victims - who were not taught to see their own worth, or who were not really seen by their own parents. Our grandparents generation faced massive trauma and upheaval due to the Secind World War and the Great Depression. The focus was on survival and minimizing the damage, rather than on love, appreciation and intimacy. Parents today face the challenges of long commutes, longer working hours, and global economic uncertainty. These stresses can beat us down, or make us build walls around oursrelves that are so dense that even our spouses and children can't get in. Yet, there is another way.

When we have the courage to let the walls down - to know and embrace ourselves, despite our human failings, we also open the door to connecting in a more caring, empathic, intimate way with the ones we love and with all living things. Our brains are wired for survival, but also for empathy. Please read on...

Self Love...

How to deal with any problem!

Why You Should "Friend" Mary Jane

WHEN WE GROW, This is what we can do...

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What's Wrong with our Food!

First they sprayed food with hazardous pesticides and herbicides. Next they genetically modified food to make it more “immune” to diseases. Now they are adding nanoparticles to food to make it “safer” to eat. When will those people learn that by exploiting nature, they are creating more problems that will eventually cause the extinction of many species on Earth.

The companies that are artificially engineering food have bad track records of destroying the ecosystem and our health. The reason why they have bad track records is because they like to exploit nature. When they exploit nature, they are disharmonizing the energy structure that keeps nature in balance. As a result, unforeseen side effects will manifest, causing problems to the ecosystem on Earth. What does this mean to us? Read on...

What's Next?


Saturday, December 8, 2012

What in the World Are They Spraying?

Okay, yeah, I'm quite skeptical, but! What if this crap is real? Wake up folks? 

"Why in the World are They Spraying?"

Since the release of the groundbreaking documentary “What in the World are They Spraying?”, millions have woken up to the damaging effects from chemtrail/geoengineering programs. As a result, movements around the world are being formed to address these crimes. While many who were previously unaware of these programs are now taking action, the question now that is often asked is “Why” is this happening. Michael J. Murphy, Originator and Co-Producer of “What in the World are They Spraying?” in association with Barry Kolsky have produced “Why in the World are They Spraying?” which will answer that question.

“Why in the World are They Spraying?” is an investigative documentary into one of the many agendas associated with chemtrail/geoengineering programs, “weather control”.

"Reality is an Illusion" so say scientist...

So, I guess this blog isn't real. Sorry. I thought it was. Really, I did. But wait, if reality IS an illusion, do I still have to pay my bills? 

You Can't Fix STOOPID! (ahem, Stupid)

An inferior mind gains confidence by pointing out others shortcomings. A superior mind gains confidence by helping others with their shortcomings.

Do This for Your STRESS!

De-Stress Naturally! Prozac Zombies Please Watch

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Largest Chicken Pox outbreak in Vigo County, Indiana

Most kids receive a vaccine but if the virus mutates vaccinations are ineffective.
Betcha didn't know that! 

Marco here. Vigo County of Indiana is currently experiencing the country’s largest outbreak of Chicken Pox, with 92 cases so far. Out of these 92 cases, only 3 were never vaccinated. That means this may be the nation’s first case of a serious Chicken Pox outbreak among children who were actually vaccinated for Chicken Pox. The Indiana Coalition for Vaccination Choice reports on their Facebook page:

Placed another call to the Indiana State Department of Health. Was able to reach the epidemiologist working the chicken pox outbreak. There are a total of 92 cases so far. Only 3 were never vaccinated. 10 had received one vaccine and 79 were fully vaccinated. They are seeing fewer lesions in the fully vaccinated. Zero deaths. Possibly one hospitalization but not sure off the top of their head. Zero complications from chicken pox. We were told that only one chicken pox vaccine was supposed to provide lifelong immunity but this did not turn out to be the case. A booster was added and yet we are seeing a very high rate of fully vaccinated children contracting chicken pox. We asked if another booster will be mandated and told possibly. We asked about vaccine failures and were told this is not vaccine failure because the severity of lesions in the fully vaccinated was less than if never vaccinated and that no vaccine is 100% effective. We were told that if vaccines save one life they are worth it. We asked how many children died from chicken pox before the vaccine. This epidemiologist was unsure.


What We Had For Dessert Tonight! Yummy!!

Hey, it's Marco. Anything with butter has got to be good, right? Okay, yeah, we're kinda broke for a while. We're down over 60K this month, (ouch!) but that's another story that I'm not gettin' into here. Once the litigation is over, perhaps in a couple of hundred years, I'll tell you all about it. Just know this, some people are evil...  Anyway, we've been living lightly this entire year, and I mean light. Basics. We even share toilet paper. Kinda gross. So, all I had in the fridge for a tasty treat tonight after dinner was some pumpkin tortillas.  I also had some organic butter, organic cheese, some cinnamon and maple syrup. Hmm... What to do. What to do. Fry it up ya'll! Warm the pumpkin torts in a iron pan. (Put a little butter in first) Flip tortilla, and when warm, add the cheese, cinnamon, fold the tortilla and cook on medium heat until it's hot. Put the (wonder what I'll call these things) on a plate and add a little maple syrup. Wow! These little morsels were quite tasty! Fattening? Who cares. We're on the "I'm Broke" diet right now. So. Please try these. They were outstanding! and messy... the syrup kinda dribbles down your arm. Must have napkins!

Here's all you need: 

Paqui's Pumpkin Tortillas (Austin, Texas. Yeah baby!)
Organic Butter
Organic Cheddar or American Cheese
Dash of Celtic Sea Salt
Organic Maple Syrup 
Oh, and a pan and a gas stove! and maybe some fiber! 

Enjoy! Just don't eat too many...

Instant Relaxation. Just for you. But only B4 Bed!


When a new drug gets tested, the results of the trials should be published for the rest of the medical world -- except much of the time, negative or inconclusive findings go unreported, leaving doctors and researchers in the dark. In this impassioned talk, Ben Goldacre explains why these unreported instances of negative data are especially misleading and dangerous.


FOOD MATTERS! By Mark Bittman

Must Get Flu Shot! Don't want to die...

Hey Howdy Hey How do we get the flu anyway? Is it really some bug? Some virus? Some evil somethin' somethin' that just happens this time of year? Or could it be our own stupidity? Listen, we just finished stuffing Halloween candy (GMO candy) down our children's throats right? Here in Texas it's starting to get colder which means we'll be spending more time indoors and less time out in the sunshine... We'll back off at the gym because the Holidays are coming, right? We all ate too much at Thanksgiving. Turkey, corn, potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole, diet coke, and a drinky poo or two. Or three. We still have to get to work, pay the bills, handle the children, buy stuff, attend Holiday parties. Kids will be home from school which may just add a little more stress to our already too stressed lives. The outlaws might just pay us a visit. (The Inlaws, LOL) And you know what we're gonna do at Christmas. We're gonna stuff our faces until we puke! And then, we'll eat some more just like we did Thanksgiving! Right? Pumpkin pie? Cheesecake? Need a cup of coffee or a red bull to keep us awake in front of the TV to watch that football game. And afterwards, we'll go on a nice  run and a cleanse. We'll get some much needed rest and relaxation and perhaps some lovin' from our Spouse. Wrong! Christmas is coming! Santa Claus baby! Gifts, excitement, more Holiday parties, more alcohol, more food, more dessert, more excitement, more shopping and still, keep our regular work schedule! No worries, we've done this before. We can handle a little extra weight. Besides, one of my resolutions will be to get back in shape. Yeah, right... I'll just have whatever I want to eat and drink. Don't want to be a party pooper. New Year's is coming! And what will we do on New Year's Eve? Get smashed! Alcohol! Beer, wine, yager, tequila! Bring it on! We really want to see the boss all hammered up! Holidays! Gotta love them. PS: It's okay to gain a little weight this time of year... Pig!

Now when does the flu season come along? It's usually around the Holiday season, the end or the beginning of the year. Why do you think Big Pharma advertise their flu shots this time of year? Money! They know you're going to jack yourself up with garbage and they know you'll buy their flu shot campaign. Some bug is gonna get you, so you better get your shot. If you take a body that has the flu and a body that has been poisoned, do they not have the same or similar symptoms? Headaches, abdominal cramping, diarrhea, fever, nausea, chills, fatigue, aches, pains, gas and/or vomiting? This is just my opinion, but I certainly don't worry that some flu bug is going to come along and ruin my Holiday. Will I enjoy the Season? Absolutely. Will I get sick? Absolutely not! Why do you think our Creator gave us vitamins and green drinks and REAL food to eat? Take care folks. And if I get sick, I was wrong... That'll be $25.

The Season starts now. Stay healthy! And remember, do something nice for someone this year.

Gaining Weight With A High Fruit Diet?

Monday, December 3, 2012


Okay, okay, what's better? Organic or conventional? First, we must set the record straight.  Scientific studies show that milk from pastured cows contains higher levels of beneficial fats.  Beef from grass-fed cattle and eggs from pastured hens are lower in cholesterol and saturated fat and higher in healthy omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamins A and E.  Organic strawberries and tomatoes contain more healthy antioxidants.  These are all undisputed facts laid out in a myriad of published, peer-reviewed scientific papers.

Consumers increasingly turn to organic and grass-based foods, based on this scientific evidence that has been reported in magazines, including Time, in recent years.  Now, the latest issue of Time mindlessly repeats the agribusiness mantra: “Nutritionally, an egg is an egg.”  Milk is milk. And canned peas, with toxic pesticide residues, heated to extreme temperatures during processing, and then placed in a container lined with a suspected endocrine disruptor, are just as healthy as those for sale at a farmer’s market, picked fresh from a local field just hours ago...

Thanks Cornucopia dot org...

YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK! That's if you want real Success...

Hey, Marco here. This book was so good that I bought the audio and did it all over again!
Listen, we could all be a little more successful. We could all do a little better and we could all give back to others once we reach a higher level of success. This book is not full of ha ha and rah rah. There's no gimmicks, no bullsheet, just truth. This book will certainly give you the tools you need to just be a little better than you were yesterday.

As publisher of SUCCESS magazine, author Darren Hardy has written a really outstanding book. This book reveals the core principles that drive success. The Compound Effect contains the essence of what every superachiever needs to know, practice, and master to obtain extraordinary success.

Buy Your Own Copy...


This is just AWESOME! (and no, i'm not gay...)