Thank you so much for stopping by! Time appears to be flying by way too fast and I'm looking to do something exciting with the rest of my life. I'll be starting an online fitness business called "GoBeDo" sometime this year. Be sure and check in. You'll learn about High Interval Training, Yoga, Body weight exercise, Spartan races, Functional training and whole lot more. Real $hit, for Old Timers like me. Why? We only have one shot at a grandiose and fulfilling life. Let's get busy creating one. Remember, it's the start that stops most people. The last thing I want to take to my grave is "regret!"
Peace/Love and Hugs!
Guapo (Grandpa Jasso)

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Hey, it's Marco! The stomach creates an equal amount of sodium bicarbonate to alkalize the food you eat with an equal amount of the highly toxic acid, hydrochloric acid, as a waste product. The stomach is an organ of contribution and its main contribution is to maintain the alkaline design of the blood and tissues by alkalizing the acids from the food we eat to the energy we use. You gotta stay alkaline folks!
got meat?

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