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Thursday, January 26, 2012

STAYING LEAN! The Easiest Thing I've Ever Done! (Rant...)

Hey, it's Marco! This might be loooonng! I've never been overweight! Never! Yet I see people struggling daily to maintain or shed a little body fat. It's quite simple to stay lean. Find what you love to eat and make a healthier version! Easy to do, right? Apparently not! We're all busy. Work, relationships, children, stress, gotta pay the rent! What's on cable? So much food. So much to choose from. People don't have time to prepare dinner. Too many things to do. Soccer practice, grocery shopping, homework, business... Life! You may be outstanding in one area of your life, or several even, yet when it comes to dropping that extra weight, you've thrown in the towel. If you're overweight, it's because of your habits. Time for change! got goals? Well, they're not going to work! Listen, I'll keep this simple. I eat what I want. Just not when I want if that makes sense... I keep food in the fridge, in the car, in my warehouse, I'm usually always prepared. Every meal does not have to be a Thanksgiving dinner! Learn to enjoy and savor your food. And chew it! When eating, imagine your food nourishing your body! Want a beer? Have one, but only half and really enjoy and take your time with your half! Want dessert? Have some! But only have a couple of bites and do your best to taste the flavors. No time for exercise? Gimme a break! Find ten minutes and do push ups, standing squats, and some calf raises. Tomorrow, find ten minutes and just stretch and relax. Craving something sweet? Drink some water or what I do is keep some "Hail Mary Chocolate Mint tarts" in the fridge, cut them in eight pieces and have bite or two. There's absolutely no reason to eat a couple of pizza's or a tank of ice cream while watching TV ever! Cut back on the white stuff! Bread, rice, pasta, flour, sugar etc. Drink some water! Remember what water taste like? A little of the bad stuff isn't going to kill you. We're all human and I've yet to meet anyone that's perfect! (Even Megan Fox!) Go for a walk! Grab your honey, grasp their hand and go for a walk! Great way to get to know one another again or perhaps even fall in love all over! Do the same with your children. Time well spent! Find a fruit that you enjoy, I love bananas, and keep them close. Keep them at your desk, in your purse, back pocket and snack on them when you're feeling hungry! Fruit will not make you fat! You make you fat with the garbage you shove down your throat! Don't let your friends and family entice you into grabbing a couple of cold ones and some burgers. Be the influence and don't stoop to their level. Staying healthy and fit is all about choices. Make the right ones and don't beat yourself up if you make a bad one. Life's to short and in some cases too long! And please don't buy into all the health crap you see on television! 100 calorie bars, slim fast, miracle pills! What a crock! Eat real food! I love chicken soup! Especially this time of year! Just not the canned stuff! Whole Foods has a chicken soup that rocks! I sometimes use "Perfect Bars" or I'll keep some peanut butter and bananas at work, and spread them on Ezekiel Bread! Yummy! (Gotta have a toaster!) Microwaves and microwave foods are also out! Drink almond milk rather than cow milk! Tea beats soda any day! You ever had Kombucha? Green drinks! Learn to make them! Breakfast takes all of seven minutes for me in the morning! I toss all kinds of goodies in the blender, mix it up and drink it on my way out the door! (Yes, I also have to make breakfast for five children everyday too, so I only have the seven minutes to make my own!) Most people are overweight because they stress themselves out and make no time for themselves! Stress does not exist! Send me a bucket of stress and I'll send you $10,000! Stress comes from your thoughts! Look, with a little planning, a few minutes of exercise and better food choices, you will drop the pounds. Absolutely, positively, guaranteed! I've gotta get some sleep! If you really want the skinny on weight loss, I'm writing a book! Probably give it away for free! However, what I know will help! Weight loss does not have to be complicated! Send me an email: marco@lessonsinhealth.com.
PS! I know this is simple, but the little things do count! Remember, it's the start that stops most people!

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