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Friday, June 17, 2011


Hey, it's Marco! Roll up your sleeves, PhRMA (Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America) has big plans for new vaccines. Here they proudly boast about it. (BTW...This video is suhlowww! You may want to hold the pause button and let it load.) While some vaccine candidates flop in clinical trials — industry has lowered the bar on efficacy, so marginally effective vaccines are still attractive. And safety? Fuggedaboutit. Chapter 17 of Vaccine Epidemic by Michael Belkin describes the ruse of using other vaccines with proven neurological side effects as a placebo — so they can say in the study ‘adverse events were not statistically different than placebo.’ The current recommended US vaccine schedule (CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices) is 70 doses of 16 vaccines. PhRMA is salivating (like the Big Bad Wolf over Granny) to jump on that gravy train with these new vaccines. No wonder they want to take away our right of refusal.

"Among the medicines now being tested are … 145 vaccines to prevent or treat diseases such as staph infections and pneumococcal infections. Not included in this report are medicines in development for HIV infection. A 2009 survey by PhRMA found 97 medicines and vaccines are in testing for HIV/AIDS and AIDS-related conditions." You may read the entire article here: http://www.phrma.org/media/releases/nearly-400-medicines-vaccines-development-fight-infectious-diseases

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