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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Tai chi for beginners - Yang Basic 8 step

It is quite shocking sometimes to see how uncoordinated people get as they get older. The saying "use it or loose it" is strikingly obvious as we mature. The sophisticated nature of Tai Chi postures and Tai Chi movements demands that you develop an advanced level of coordination. The ability to link the body together and be consciously aware of how parts of your body move as an integrated whole is part and parcel of learning Tai Chi.

Here are some benefits: 

Reduced stress,
Improved sleep,
Lower blood pressure
Less chance of heart disease,
Enhanced immunity with less chance of illness,
Improved flexibility and movement range in joints.
Greater stability,
Boosted metabolism (i.e. better muscle size/tone),
Improved mobility,
Improved bone density,
Less chance of falls...

Just Get Started !!

Unleash the Mind..

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