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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Vitamin D Ain't no Vitamin... But it's Damn Good !!

Whatever condition and disease you study, vitamin D keeps coming up as a major factor. That's right, no matter what illness you study, you find vitamin D deficiency to be a factor. This includes cancer, diabetes, CHD, and the other deadly diseases. Vitamin D is the most important and deficient vitamin of all. Vitamin D is vital for prostate and breast health. These are the two leading male and female cancers. All American men will have cancer cells in their prostate if they live past 60. One in eight American women will get breast cancer. Vitamin D is the most important vitamin for bone and joint health. 95% of Americans over the age of 65 suffer from some form of arthritis or similar inflammation. Vitamin D is vital for cardiovascular health. Vitamin D is vital to help prevent diabetes. Strong immunity is related to vitamin D. Longevity depends in part on vitamin D levels. Our emotional and mental health is related to vitamin D levels. Vitamin D deficiency is an epidemic in most of the world. Most people do not get enough sun exposure. It is not in your food. It only comes from sun exposure.

Did anyone ever tell you that vitamin D really isn't a vitamin at all, but a hormone? That's right, it is actually a hormone, and not a vitamin. Vitamins come from the daily food we eat, and there is no meaningful amounts of "vitamin" D in any food. Vitamin D comes from exposure to sunlight, and most of us do not get enough exposure to sunlight to make enough of it. In winter, and in northern climates, this is especially true. If you take All Your Vitamins® (you get this when you buy All Your Minerals®), or any other common vitamin formula, you will get the RDA of 400 IU (which equals 10 mcg). You should not take more than 800-1,200 IU daily. Pseudo-authorities, who tell you to take 2,000 to 5,000 IU, are crackpots. Hyper levels of vitamin D, or any nutrient, will hurt your health, not help it. There are numerous studies to prove this. Vitamin D is a powerful, oil soluble hormone, and high doses are dangerous. Hyper blood levels have been shown to harm your health. The National Health Examination Survey of 15,000 people proved excessive blood levels cause serious harm (American Journal of Cardiology v 109, 2012). You do not need more than a total 400 IU supplement when you are getting exposed to the sun regularly. If you get in the sun from, say, June to September, you should not take anymore than what's in your daily vitamin supplement. During the rest of the year take an extra 400 to 800 IU in addition to your daily vitamin tablet.

There are several forms of vitamin D including D1, D2 and D3. You want to take D3 (calciferol). Vitamin D3 is converted in our bodies to the active form, which is dihydroxy vitamin D. Doctors and pharmaceutical corporations keep promoting dangerous, synthetic, expensive, prescription-only analogs of vitamin D. These can be patented, rather than sold over the counter. It is important not to take too much D3, as it is oil soluble, toxic in excess, and will result in serious side effects. Since you can't get any meaningful amounts in common foods, this is not a problem at all.

Remember how popular cod liver oil has been for decades now? This is really because of the vitamin D content. People often really do get dramatic results from simply taking a spoonful of cod liver oil. This is because they are getting the vitamin D they need so badly. Of course, taking a multivitamin with vitamin D is a much more practical- and tasty- way to do this.

There are many reasons we suffer from so many diseases and conditions in the richest country in the world with the highest standard of living. One important and proven reason is lack of vitamin D in most people. Study after study shows people of all ages in all countries are deficient in vitamin D by serum blood analysis. This is especially true of black people, obese people, the poor, and the elderly. These people should take 1,200 IU. Along with your multiple vitamin just take an extra 400 IU or 800 IU capsule of inexpensive vitamin D when you're not getting out in the sun regularly. No matter how well you eat, you aren't going to get any significant amount in your diet. If you are in the sun regularly you only need the 400 IU in your daily multivitamin. No, you do not need to get your blood level tested.

The published science behind this is just overwhelming and growing by the day. People of all ages should take it. Vitamin D deficiency is a worldwide epidemic. In every single country that has been studied, the residents were deficient on average. Ironically, even those in tropical and sub-tropical countries have been found to be low. The massive Tromsoe Study (European Journal of Endocrinology v 162, 2010) showed that low levels were actually associated with all-cause mortality. The lower your serum vitamin D, the sooner you die! Just take a proper supplement every day and no more than 1,200 IU.

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