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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Natural Cure for Global Warming?

Natural Cure for Global Warming: Excert from "CRIMINAL FOUNDATIONS"--a Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz Presentation from Revolution Television on Vimeo.

The planet and We The People are in big trouble. Global industrialists blame us for pollution and over-population, and they aim to kill more than 6 billion people over the next few decades, neglecting solutions to the pollution and problems they cause for profit. This thesis heralds the solution through widespread education and grassroots activism. Dr. Horowitz, an award-winning author, filmmaker, and recipient of the "World Leading Intellectual Award" from officials of the World Organization for Natural Medicine, explains here that both pollution by hydrocarbons, such as CO2, and "global warming" from rising solar radiation linked to ozone depletion, results fundamentally from acidification of the atmosphere and planet. He theorizes the acidification of the planet is the primary cause of increased "solar flares" and solar radiation, NOT COSMIC FORCES BEYOND HUMANITY'S CONTROL.

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