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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Want Real Food? Try the hospital! Best food on the planet...

 Hospital food is almost unpalatable and from the perspective of nutrient density and optimal nourishment of which patients require the highest levels, the food in these care facilities could be considered equivalent to, if not worse than soup kitchens for the needy. What type of tasty little morsel may one expect from their good ole local hospital? Crap. Pure crap.
All hospitals generally serve GMO corn, GMO soy, GMO zucchini/squash, foods made primarily with GMO Canola oil, as well as factory farmed meat and eggs from antibiotic, vaccinated and medicated animals. There are absolutely no precautions taken on harmful oils, preservatives, artificial flavors/sweeteners, sugars, colors or toxic emulsifiers that make up binding agents and sauces. If there was any nutritional value left in these foods, they are overcooked so that any remaining nutrients are eliminated. The result is slop. Not just any ole slop, but pure, tasteless, but salty SLOP! Read on my fellow quacks...

Real Food! Yummy...

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