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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Why Rejection Is A Good Lesson To Experience

Every now and again we all experience some form of rejection. Sometimes it is from our family members, a love relationship, friends, job, sales or just from society in general.

I feel rejection is a good lesson to have because it allows you the opportunity to re-evaluate your values and what you stand for. Will you cave in and give in to other people's opinion of you? Or will you stand firm in your self belief and convictions even as others reject you?

Most people cave in under pressure, and most of the time they walk away thinking they are not good enough and allow the rejections to pull them down.

So it is not surprising that fear of rejection is one of the biggest reasons why people are afraid to go into the sales industry. I think we all over identify with the act of rejection, we take it all too personally.

As predictable as life can be, there are only two ways of looking at things in the world, either in a positive or negative light.

If we see rejection as a bad thing and fear doing what we need to do, then we will never know and will forever be hiding from our highest potentials.

However if rejection is seen as a shaper of our potentials, it can really open up doorways for us in ways we might have never thought before.

Do what you have to, should do, want to as if it is the last day of your life, and you will see rejection in a different light.

Thank You Shamala Tan!

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