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Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Kinda in a rush, so I'll be brief...

Hey, it's Marco! Want to avoid the flu? Sure you do. Now, I'm not going to say this will work for you, however, it works for me and everyone in our home. Even the Boogy Man who lives upstairs! But listen, you'll need to do a few other things as well. Here we go:

Keep the stress to a minimum. Do something fun everyday, even if it's silly. Learn to breathe, exercise,
have a weekly exercise plan and follow it. Even if it's a half hour walk in the morning, exercise has an exponential effect on everything you do to keep your body healthy. Even a little barefoot yoga outside in the grass in the early morning...

Eat fresh greens every day (5 - 9 servings is ideal!). Green energy drinks count! One scoop equals two pounds of veggies. And green drinks are great on the go.

Eat fresh fruit or veggies that are high in vitamin C every day. Citrus fruit is your best bet. Red peppers are another tasty source of vitamin C.

Drink eight glasses of water a day. The purer the water the better. Thirst isn't a good guide; you're already dehydrated when you feel thirsty.

Follow the fist, thumb, fist rule at every meal. To keep your blood sugar stable and your body metabolizing steadily so that your body and brain getting a steady supply of energy, eat the following at every meal:

a fist of low-fat protein (lean chicken, salmon, hemp protein shake)
a thumb of healthy fats (fish oil , olive or walnut oil, nuts/seeds/trail mix)
a fist of complex carbs (leafy greens, green drink powder, whole organic oatmeal)

Want a nice refreshing Smoothie? Try this:

2 cups spinach
1 large kale leaf
1 medium carrot
1 medium celery stalk
1/2 medium cucumber
1/2 medium apple, such as Gala or Fuji
6 organic strawberries or a handful of blueberries, pineapple chunks, whatever...
1 (1/2-inch) piece fresh ginger root

Push all ingredients through a juicer or toss into your Ninja blender. Drink up!

Here's "MY" version of the Flu shot: We drink these every morning!

Onc scoop of Barlean's Greens or Macro Greens... Greens Plus (Pick one)
One packet of Emergen-C or any whole food vitamin C (Camu Camu powders works very well)
Vitamin D drops. 2000 IU
Two capfuls of Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar
One packet of organic Stevia
Dash of Cayenne pepper (Optional)
Be creative! Make your own. Oh, mix in water or unpasteurized orange juice...

Listen, STRESS KILLS! Stress will break down even the most healthy individual. My beautiful young face looks nasty lately. Chill! Life's too short. You could be in our shoes right now! Lost over 400K this year to thieves! Yes, we're in litigation. Will we get our money back? Who knows... My Wife is about to lose her mind. There's no way we're going to tell the kids. How would you like to be 48 and have to call your family for $7500, to pay the bills and keep the bank and creditors happy. Still have to make the warehouse payment, car payment, order inventory, change diapers... hell, there's no time to sleep. Am I stressing right now? Sort of, but if we don't keep our heads together, we'll be living under a bridge next month! Don't mean to send out any negative energy, but yes, we're going thru some garbage right now. No time to break down and get sick! You understand? Life's awesome, but we all have challenges! Suck it up! Handle them as we're trying to do. And please, Stay Healthy! In a hundred years, we'll all look back at these times and just laugh... Buwahahahahahahaaaaaaaa!

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