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Sunday, March 18, 2012


"The F.D.A. protects the big drug companies, and is subsequently rewarded, and using the government's police powers, they attack those who threaten the big drug companies.  People think that the F.D.A. is protecting them.  It isn't.  What the F.D.A. is doing, and what the public thinks it is doing are as different as night and day."

― Dr. Herbert Ley, former Commissioner of the U.S. F.D.A.

Hey, it's Marco! Those partnering with, or actively participating in the pervasive allopathic medical industry have long and boldly proclaimed that alternative medicine is somehow dangerous, despite its avoidance of dangerous chemicals in favor of natural substances.  This sort of politics is what many industries have participated in, due to their fear of open competition from innovative newcomers.  This phenomena in medicine has occurred since Rockefeller hijacked the U.S. medical schools in the depression of the 1930's, by offering funding to submissive medical schools, which eventually allowed Rockefeller (and his F.D.A. cronies) to redefine medicine to mean only treating the symptoms of diseases (no curing) using only invasive surgeries combined with expensive patented pharmaceuticals (i.e. allopathy).  It is unfortunate that most of the world followed this despicable corruption that was born in the United States.


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