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Thursday, March 15, 2012


Hey! Marco here! Organic Valley and Horizon are pulling to wool over the eyes of the consumer.  (And that's YOU, btw...) By marketing their milk as certified USDA Organic, an ever increasing consumer base willingly buys it paying roughly double the price per gallon of regular, pasteurized store milk.    The truth is, Organic Valley and Horizon’s ultrapasteurized organic milk is really just as unhealthy as regular, pasteurized store milk.
On the one hand you have regular, pasteurized store milk that comes from sick, confined cows that are injected with hormones and other drugs.   They are fed unnatural, GMO, pesticide and antibiotic laced feed with no access to fresh green grass.    These cows stand on cement floors their entire lives and usually die within about a year and half.   Incidentally, the true lifespan for a healthy dairy cow should approach 15 years.    Milk from these confined cows NEEDS to be pasteurized as it is loaded with pus and pathogens because of the filth and chronic mastitis they endure.

Ultrapasteurized Organic Milk:   Still Bad for You!
On the other hand, you have ultrapasteurized, organic milk.  A consumer with only partial knowledge of how milk is processed is easily lured into buying this milk because on the surface, it seems so much healthier.  After all, the cows don’t get any antibiotics, steroids or hormones, right?    It’s certified USDA Organic.   Doesn’t that mean something?

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