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Thursday, March 15, 2012


Drink Milk? Then you'll wanna see this! Why? Because it won't be in the news! Most people tend to believe whatever they hear or see in the media. Because they have this false image in their minds, put there by the media, that the media feels a responsibility to the public to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. This is not so.

The media once felt a responsibility to the public when each newspaper, radio station and, eventually, TV station was privately owned.

Today things are different. More and more media are owned by fewer and fewer corporations and the laws have changed. Its the corporations that dictate the news to the public. They decide what the news is. They feel its their right because they paid for it They own it. So they can do with it what they want. And they use it to further their own interests, for the sake of profit, at the expense of the peoples wellbeing.

This video is one example of how the corporations control the media and indirectly the public through the media. It is an example of how reporters are intimidated to report what the media wants reported and how the media manage their public image as a reliable, believable authority of how things really are out there.

And it is also the very reason why the consumers do not hear about it on the news. They have to hear about it from their friends or on the Internet. And then they dont believe it because it wasnt on the news!

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