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Friday, July 19, 2013

Modern Medicine is no longer about Health! Now what?

As of 2001, Pfizer was the number one most profitable company of all the Fortune 500 companies. Their profit that year was 7.8 Billion Dollars, which is MORE than the profits from all Fortune 500 companies in the homebuilding, apparel, railroad adn publishing industries COMBINED. Modern medicine is no longer about health. It is a for-profit disease industry that can only survive if millions of people get sick, and stay that way. It's an industry that refuses to consider vitally important aspects of health, like how stress lowers the immune system... how processed foods, alcohol, excessive calories and insufficient exercise are recipes for disease... how exposure to tens of thousands of toxins in our enviroment, and in our food supply, have direct links to the illnesses you suffer. And we wonder why the U.S. is so fat, sick and tired.  Ask your Doctor about "GOYA!"

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