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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Did Pfizer hide a new and safer vaccine?

Hey, it's Marco! In 2004, a U.K. based company, called POWDERMED, announced to the world on its website that it had developed a safer method of vaccination. It did NOT use mercury. The vaccine did NOT have a liquid carrier, and had a long shelf life. And best of all, it used a gentle blast of helium gas to gently push microscopic DNA covered gold particles, just below the surface of the skin. This area is rich in immune cells that are ready to be programmed against a bacterial or viral pathogen.
Because of the abundance of "T" and "B" immune cells in the skin, a thousand times LESS material is theoretically needed for a vaccination. To put it another way, the typical needle and syringe vaccination bypasses the body's natural defenses by injecting a vaccine into a muscle with few T/B-Cells. This old type of vaccination that has been used since 1830, requires 1,000 times more antigen in the vaccine to be effective. Why won't we see this safer vaccination method used for children? ANSWER: If the rate of ASD, Autism, and PDD went down, Government Agencies, State Health Departments, School Districts, and others that made vaccination mandatory, plus the drug companies who lobbied and pushed for mandatory vaccinations, would be sued by parents who would be very angry to find that PFIZER, MERCK, and other Pharmaceutical Company's profits were listed just behind the oil and gas industry.
PFIZER bought POWDERMED in 2006, and quietly shut it down in 2008.

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