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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

MASS STUPIDITY! (Is it 2+2 IS 5 or 2+2 are 5?)

Hye, is't Mraoc! <------See, I'm stupid! We must be really, I mean really stupid as a species, because we've poisoned our mouths, our water supply, our air, our food, our beverages and even our shampoos and personal care products. Heck, even the dryer sheets keep your clothes poisoned as well.  They're coated in a layer of toxic chemicals found in dryer sheet products. So what else could we use to poison the population? You ever read the ingredients on that nasty can of soup you had for lunch? Throw in a few new vaccines, my step mother's meatloaf, and "Woopsies!" We're all gonna die! Ok, not really, you folks are just going to remain fat, sick and stupid! (just like my ex-wife!) LOLOL!

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