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Monday, January 28, 2013

Here's A Tasty Drink for Ya! Ok, Not Really...

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Hey Howdy Hey! I'm sure you've all heard of Xyience, right? They have a product called "Xenergy." It's touted as vitamin fortified, yeah yeah, whatever, sugar free, really? and get this, zero calories. Nada. Zilch, nuthin' but net. Wow, this must be a wonder drink. Here's the deal, they don't tell you that this drink contains a combination of caffeine and taurine, which btw has been banned in countries such as France and Norway. It also contains guarana extract and glucuronolactone to help boost your metabolism. Who knows if the glucurwhatever is healthy or not but anyway, this drink will certainly elevate the heart rate. One 16 ounce can has 11.5 grams of caffeine per ounce or 184 grams of caffeine if you gulp down the entire can. This has got to be good for your adrenals! It's all dumped in carbonated water, preservatives and synthetic vitamins and all for you to consume prior to your workouts or just for the hell of it. Sounds great right? Dump it. Dump it fast. This drink will do absolutely nothing for you unless you enjoy be irritated and jumpy. Now, isn't your heart more important to you than this garbage? Stay healthy!


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