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Monday, January 28, 2013

Woman! Where's my damn Prozac?

How Pharmaceutical Companies Are Suppressing Data About The Effectiveness And Safety Of Antidepressant Drugs While The FDA Looks The Other Way

We are being lied to.  Our health and safety are being compromised by dangerous antidepressant drugs and the wealthy corporate giants that peddle them.
Just a few weeks ago, an alarming report was released by the acclaimed New England Journal Of Medicine proving once again that the pharmaceutical industry has entirely too much influence in Washington, D.C. and specifically with the Food and Drug Administration.

In short, the report shows the effectiveness of antidepressant drugs has been severely overhyped.  It turns out the pharmaceutical companies that produce antidepressant drugs are publishing the results of only positive clinical trial data in medical journals while suppressing all the negative data.  In cases where negative clinical study data is published, the negative parts are being rewritten to appear positive or simply being omitted altogether.    


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