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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Hey! aRe YoU Depressed? Turn on the Lights! ??

Disclaimer: This post/article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of... What a crick of $hit! If you're depressed, do you really want to suck down some drugs that will make you even worse, give you suicidal thoughts and tendencies, anal seepage? (did I spell that right?) Get busy living or get busy dying! 

And now, Researchers from the University of Maryland's School of Medicine have determined that just one hour of bright light therapy significantly reduces depression and depressed moods. (So does a good beer! But only one, okay? LOL)

Depressed patients were given one hour of bright light therapy or an hour of dim light therapy as a placebo. The researchers found that the patients given bright light therapy had reductions in their depression scores** ranging from 120% to 130%, using two different depression-testing systems. Read more below...

**Depression score?** Sweet Mother of Abraham Lincoln! What "will" they think of next...
Are you sad? Do you feel worthless? Do you hate your job? Your life? Your spouse? Do you just suck at life? Then get off your ass and move! Do something. What do the commercials say? "Remember, there is hope." F**K hope! Expectation beats hope any day! You're scared of life! No one caused your depression but you! So what does this mean? You, yes you can resolve your depression now. Everybody is depressed? Look around... Are you frikkin' special? There's a life out there. If you are alive, seriously, you can do and become almost anything you want these days. Suck it up, get off your ass and start living! Oh, but I have a chemical imbalance. Mommy didn't hug me enough. I've lost everything... Lame excuses. You want to listen to me bitch about my life? Didn't think so, and neither do I. That's why I handle them. (ok, well most of them.) Life's too short. Go! Be! Do! That'll be $25.

What tha hell is LIGHT THERAPY?

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