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Saturday, December 10, 2011

GREEN JUICE! Have Some Today! Or Tonight...

Hey Howdy Hey! We all know we're supposed to eat our veggies, but there are a few obstacles to getting the amount of veggies we need every day. One major roadblock is that people don't like to cook. Second, very few people have the fortitude to chew and swallow a entire plate of steamed broccoli. And because of the major stresses on our bodies today due to pollution and overconsumption of stimulants, very few people can consume the amount of veggies that would actually counter that damage.
And even if you did heroically eat enough veggies, you're not getting all the nutrition of the plant. That's because the nutrients in veggies are locked behind hard cellular walls. There are three ways to access these nutrients. One is to chew your veggies to mush in your mouth, but no one ever does that. Second, you can cook them but that will destroy some of the nutritional value. The best way to get your veggie nutrition is to juice nonstarchy veggies, which thoroughly breaks down the cellular walls.
Another reason to juice is that most people's digestive systems begin to weaken by the time they reach forty and nutrients aren't fully absorbed. Live liquid nutrients from juiced veggies contain enzymes that aid in the digestive process so that your body absorbs more of these vital nutrients. I would go on...But who's reading this blog anyway!
Peace, love and Happy!

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