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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Just what do these Champions mean when they promote "Every Child by Two?"
Are these "Clowns" suggesting death? 

Hey, it's Marco! You're either for vaccines or against them. There is no middle ground. If you think there is, you don't fully understand or appreciate the toxic nature of vaccines. Negotiating poison is illogical and senseless. We don't approach poison control agencies and ask them to better regulate limits on the safe consumption of poisons. Whether you drink an ounce or a gallon, you're still ingesting poison. All vaccines, every last one of them contain toxic substances that are poisonous to the human body. Click here for nine questions to ask anyone who promotes vaccines.
My oldest son, now 11, lives with my darling Ex, who has since "found" Jesus, (With God, why would anyone need a vaccine! ) was vaccinated. Every year he gets the flu, ear infections and to this day has nasty asthma! My two children, with my current Wife (If this one doesn't work out, I'm studying to be a Buddhist Monk!) rarely get sick and will never receive a vaccine! Okay...I lie! My seven year old was born just fine! "Congratulations Marco! You're the proud Papa of a bouncing baby boy!" Said the MD. Twelve hours later, Jakob was vaccinated with the Hep B vaccine and almost died! His liver was shutting down and we spent an additional two and a half weeks in ICU! He is fine now and has never had another jab! But don't take my word... Do your research folks!

When It Comes to Vaccines, Don't Sit On The Fence!

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