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Monday, December 5, 2011

When Is Breathing More Than Just Breathing?

Special "Thanks" to Karen Van Ness

Hey, it's Marco! Most people think of breathing as merely a mechanical process
involving the airways and lungs. But it is so much more than that!
The lungs are the functional organs of respiration, as they are responsible for the active function of breathing and ventilation. So we naturally focus on them when we think about our breathing.
However, many breathing and energy practices embrace breathing as an activity that involves the entire body. This is true on a number of levels. From a physical standpoint, respiratory movement extends into
the extremities. Also, breathing has a significant influence on all the physiological functions of the body. Breathing can also directly influence your mental and emotional state. Take the time to breathe deeply and gently for several cycles. It only takes a few deep, gentle breaths - in through the nose,
out through the nose - to "feel" your breath moving throughout your abdominal area. Now feel that you are breathing into your lower back. Gently, slowly, breathe into any areas of tightness from too much
sitting (like I'm doing right now to relax my back). Next, stand up and take a few deep, gentle breaths all the way down into your feet. Breathe in energy and lightness;
breathe out fatigue and stress. "Feel" yourself breathing in that energy and lightness through the top of your head. Feel yourself exhaling the fatigue and stress through the soles of
your feet. If you're game, take it one step further: "feel" yourself breathing in energy and lightness through every pore in your body, and into every body part - so you feel like you are
absorbing air from all over your body, not just through your nose. As you inhale, feel the air permeate into the deepest parts of your body. As you exhale, "feel" yourself exhaling fatigue and stress
through every pore in your body. See the old, stale air move out like smoke or steam and dissipate directly into the air around you. Each of these stages of breathing provides a slightly different
feeling and effect. When you have practiced this way for sometime, you will begin to truly understand that breathing is a deep physiological process, not just a mechanical process. Couple this understanding with a few minutes of practice each day and you'll be blessed with greater health and energy
I know you can do it, but will you?
Stay healthy!

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