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Saturday, February 11, 2012


Hey, it's Marco! And a special "Thank You" to Dr. Isaac Eliaz, MD, for this report! 

Digestive Herbs and Nutrients that also benefit Mood, Immunity, Hormones & Energy
One interesting link is the fact that many digestive-supporting herbs and supplements also work to improve brain and neurological function, hormone balance, immune health and more. Supplements are especially important for digestive health, as they can offer significant and relatively fast-acting support for components of your digestion that are not functioning optimally. The following is a list of key nutrients that support not only digestive but other connected areas of health:

Probiotics and Prebiotics: These are two of the most important supplements you can take to help restore healthy digestion. Probiotics provide live strains of friendly bacteria that are crucial for digestive, immune and neurological health, and prebiotics ensure that your friendly flora are provided with a nourishing environment in which they can thrive.
Zinc: An important nutrient for digestive health, which also plays critical roles in hormone regulation, immune health and neurological function.
Chinese Cardamom: Offers numerous benefits for digestion, increases antioxidant levels and boosts immunity. Also helps to combat unhealthy cellular growth and balance hormones with the compound Indole-3 Carbinole.
Cinnamon: Soothes digestive discomfort, improves digestive capacity, boosts immunity, and balances blood sugar.
Ginger Root: Improves digestion, reduces inflammation and purifies GI tract, increases antioxidant levels and boosts immunity.
Fish Oils:Reduces inflammation and help heal GI tract lining, improve nutrient absorption, balance hormones, improve neurological function and boost immunity.
Proteolytic Enzymes: Increase digestive capacity and nutrient absorption, boost immunity and increase vital energy. To find out more, please click below...


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