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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Got Vitamin C running thru Your Veins? What the?

Hey, it's Marco! Did you know that in addition to curing H1N1, high-dose vitamin C has been shown to...

Prevent and cure cancer
Prevent and reverse heart disease
Neutralize toxic poisonings
Neutralize venomous snake and spider bites
Cure viral infections
Cure bacterial infections
A WARNING: Neither your bowl of TOTAL, nor your 10 servings of fruit and veggies, nor your daily multi-vitamin; not even the combination of all three is going to perform a solitary medical cure or prevent a dreaded disease. For the same reason a toy squirt gun is incapable of extinguishing a forest fire, traditionally accepted doses of vitamin C are impotent against armies of ravaging pathogens or the trillions of toxic molecules plundering the cells in your body.

Truth is, high-dose vitamin C is vastly more powerful than 99.9% of the population realizes. As "Living Proof" reveals, even when medical professionals see the results with their own eyes, they often remain in total denial.

THE SECRET: Vitamin C must be used in an appropriate form — there are multiple forms — in the correct dose, and continued for the right length of time. When these protocols are followed... miracles happen!

Even if you understand its power, you can only harness it when you know how much, how often, and what form of vitamin C you need. With that knowledge you can effectively fight and even conquer infectious disease, toxic exposure, venomous bites, cancer, and heart disease. Read what happened to Mr. Alan Smith!
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