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Saturday, February 12, 2011

More from the Chiropractic World of Wellness

Hey, it's Marco! While it’s clear to patients and becoming clearer to researchers, chiropractic care saves and preserves lives because of the effect it has on the central nervous system and the organs involved. What’s not always known is how just the very choice of chiropractic saves lives.

When someone is in pain, they have three choices: 1) Ignore it 2) Take a drug 3) Restore normal function through chiropractic care. Ignoring it is obviously a bad idea in that the cause goes on uncorrected and gets worse–even if the pain comes and goes. It is, however, a far better idea than drugs. The reason: not only are you still ignoring the cause, but painkillers can be very deadly! Call a chiropractor today and learn that there's almost always an alternative to, well, you know...Big Pharma! (Don't get me wrong, we love our M.D.and he love's our Chiropractor!)


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