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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Jelly Belly's and Jiggle Butts! Is it safe to be overweight?

Hey, it's Marco! Did you know that The national Institutes of Health have spent nearly $800 million a year on studies to understand the neurological, metabolic and genetic foundations of of obesity? I'm speechless!
Listen...overeating does not always lead to obesity; it depends on what you had to eat! Almost nothing that comes from nature is bad for us, unless it has been tampered with or aged beyond its use.
Eat only clean and natural foods. Consuming foods laden with chemicals and preservatives is no different than taking unnecessary medication or drugs. The body is meant to run on natural foods, not man made garbage.
Nothing in excess is good, unless you are referring to life. Many excessive behaviors can lead to life threatening health related issues and others may impact your family and social life in a negative manner.
Believe in yourself, whether or not others believe in you! You are capable of more than you'll ever know. Your greatest allies are you and your mind! You can accomplish whatever you set your mind to! Absolutely, positively, guaranteed! If you sincerely need to drop a few pounds, please, drop me a line!
I'm here to help!
David Freedman: How to Fix the Obesity Crisis: "Although science has revealed a lot about metabolic processes that influence our weight, the key to success may lie elsewhere..."

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