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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Go Big Pharma! Take a healthy B vitamin, call it a DRUG, and rape people out of their hard earned money!

Hey, it's Marco! Again, how do they get away with it? You know something's fishy when the drug companies turn vitamins into prescription drugs! And then charge you a gazillion dollars for it! Love these people! Evil genuises! Yep. They've figured out how to turn a $7 vitamin into an outrageously expensive "prescription medicine" that you can only get with doctor's order. And it's a profitable hoax, earning hundreds of millions of dollars for the drug giant Abbott Labs. (And better yet, this is not Big Pharma's first stab at black magic. They've done it before...and that "prescription medicine" now rakes in billions of dollars each year.) And million of you fine, edjamacated folks fall for it everyday...
Big Pharma's dark magic turns vitamins into gold

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