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Monday, March 28, 2011

How To Get Sick And Die Early!

Hey, it's Marco! You really want to know how to get sick and die early? Try my green tacos! Whew! What tha? Why do you think I'm still so pretty? LOL! Seriously, this little blog is not all DOOM and GLOOM! Really! It just amazes me that everywhere I go, someone is sick, or on some kinda drug, or going to the doctor. And the kids! How many children do you know that are on prescription meds? Eh? What happened? Has it always been this way? Shall we all go to an early grave? Is something terrible in our food? Our water? Our air? Come on! It's 2011! Has our medical establishment been bought off? Most doctors and nurses are horribly out of shape! God bless them yet I figure they're all way too stressed taking care of all the sick people and never have time for themselves! We love our MD! And our Chiropractor! They both study nutrition and neither one recommends pharmaceuticals unless absolutely necessary and then...get this, they actually teach their patients how to stay healthy in mind AND body! Thank Heaven for Dr. Dan and Dr. Todd!  How To Get Sick And Die Early

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