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Thursday, March 3, 2011

What's the Cost of Being Right?

Hey, it's Marco! Is it better to be right or to be kind? As I see it, there is way too much stress, anger and resentment in the world! Send me your thoughts!

"This is the grave of Spanky O'Day,
He died defending his right of way,
His right was clear, his will was strong
But he is just as dead as if he'd been wrong." Anonymous

Mary Benedet (blogforchange.org) says, "Be kinder than neccessary because everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle. The man/woman that cut you off in line, the waiter/waitress that wasn't so friendly, a family member that always seems to find fault with you, or the miss know it all co-worker.  These are the times in life, that you need to dig deep inside, and exercise kindness, love and patience.
If someone acts in a bad way towards me or others, that just tells me they have a heavy heart, something must be going on in their lives to make them so unhappy, because happy people don't treat people unkindly. They can be dealing with a bad diagnosis, or an abusive spouse, or just feeling sad and lonely, there are so many things that can make a person unhappy. Choosing to be angry with them, will not benefit anyone, all it will do is fill your day with negative energy.  Going out of your way to say something kind, or just passing on a smile, can make all the difference.
What a powerful lesson to learn, how kindness can turn someone's day around with a positive response to their behavior.  If you do this often  it becomes habit, next time your in that same situation in life, a red flag will go up, you will be reminded of the positive way to respond .  You will feel so much better you learned how to react in a positive way.  Thanks Mary!

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