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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Hey, it's Marco! Why won't I be getting sick this Holiday season!?  B'cuz I gots my flu shot! Stood in line for an hour with all these old farts, fat ladies and idiots desperately awaiting medical salvation! Whatever...No, no flu shot for me, ever! Or anyone else in my Familia! Look, here's what works for me! I'm not saying it  will work for you, however, I am suggesting that it may...

Start the day off right! With gratitude and proper breathing! (click it!) For at least five minutes!
First drink of the day! Vodka! Ok, not really.. I have a green drink! (click it!)
Manage your stress! (click it!) Stress sucks! Worry sucks! And getting sick over thoughts that may never manifest sucks! Handle it! As I've said before, if you have no control over what you're stressing about, and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it...Why stress?
Now, if you do have control over what you're stressing about, and there is something you can do about it...Why stress? There! All your worry should be gone now...
Bone up on your Vitamin D-3! Vitamin D-3 (click it!) influences many different tissues and affects a large number of different diseases because it regulates about 3,000 genes in your body. Plus it helps upregulate your ability to fight infections, including the flu.
Keep some oil of oregano and olive leaf handy! These products are amazing!
Make sure you're getting enough clean water, exercise, whole and raw foods! Hmm, what else. Oh, happy people generally get sick less often than unhappy people! So get happy! No one wants to be around a butt head!
Now, you can also read the labels on food and drinks you purchase! What ingredients are you ingesting? Chemicals, GMO's, fake stuff? Gotta read the labels. My bag of peas reads "peas!" Nothing fortified, enriched, enhanced...
Oh yeah, I blend almost everything! Breakfast is usually unsweetened almond milk, with kale, banana, blueberry, greek yogurt, cayenne pepper, (click it!) and a little RAW MILK protein!
See, that's about it! Keep it simple! Well, ok, there's a whole lot more, but whatever... Look, if you don't want to get sick, then... don't! It's your job to keep yourself healthy! Got it! Most people run to the doctor, take a pill and keep on doing the same crap believing there's some miracle pill out there! Not my problem! And if I do get sick, well then, I was wrong! But I won't! Never do (well, there was that one time...)
Staying healthy is easy! I know you can, but will you?

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