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Sunday, May 1, 2011


Hey, it's Marco! Americans have the cheapest and most plentiful food on earth, and this is one of the reasons we are also the fattest people on earth. Go to any other country and you will see how expensive food is compared to the average paycheck. In Canada, all of Europe, Australia and New Zealand food is very expensive compared to the average paycheck. Only in America can you go to a $4.99 lunch buffet and get all the delicious food you can eat. Only in America do you see bargain prices on everything in the grocery store. While I don't necessarily agree with everything Mr. Mason has to say, he does have a great point! Hey, if it works for him...Check out Roger's Rant on how to shed that big ole, tired booty!


Now check out what Nutritionist Jayson Hunter has to say:

As I see it, don't put so much thought into it! Just eat real food, drink clean water, have a little fruit, eat your veggies and stay away from garbage or anything that pulls your energy level down!  Drugs, soda, fried food, alcohol and tobacco really wreck the system!  Green drinks work for me! About 51% of my food intake is RAW! My diet certainly has changed as I've grown older! I follow my own energy diet! Remember, there's energy everywhere, high and go, low and slow! It's okay to treat yourself from time to time, just be aware of what's in your food and how you combine the things you eat. If six meals a day work for you, great! If three work, that's fine too! There is no one size fits all diet! Nothing wrong with having breakfast for dinner or having a quick fast either! Need help in making better food choices? Send me an email!

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