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Friday, May 13, 2011

The Strange History of Sports Drinks

Hey, it's Marco! Ever wonder where Gatorade came from? In the mid 1960’s, a Florida college football team was looking for a way to improve the hydration and athletic performance of its athletes during hot, humid practices and games. The football coach was concerned that many of his players were suffering negatively from heat and heat-related illnesses and desperately wanted a way to prevent this.

This football coach consulted with a small group of local University research physicians to determine what he could do for his players to prevent these issues and help them be better players during games.
The researchers determined that there were two main reasons behind these heat-related performance decrements:

1. Loss of body electrolytes from excessive sweating that were not being adequately replaced.
2. Depleted muscle carbohydrate stores, from long practices, causing muscle fatigue and failure.
As a result, guess what they came up with...Read part one here! Oh, I was, um, kiddin' about the Tequila! But I sure could use a shot about now...What a week!

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